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Hello, need advice on amx 50 100.

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Hello wotlabs, I am here for a while just searching for improvement and now I decided that I should post a replay just to make sure I am doing the right thing. Since this is my first post I decided to do it here and not in the french tanks subforum(?). 


 Now I know I shoudn't have tried to hit that ISU-152, but other than that, what else should I have done different/better? Thank you all in advance. 



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After you shot 2 into the T-44, I would have retreated and dumped the rest of my clip on the IS-3 that was getting your teammates. T44 was one shot, and could have been taken care of by your team (hopefully hehe) 


You had 3 tanks I believe that could have gotten the Panther 2 later in the match. HP conservation is a key thing. If you still had most of our HP (>1000) you would have been able to either take a hit from the ISU or carry the match. Half of the enemy tanks remaining were 2 shots for you. Team folded shortly after you died. 

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The only reason I did not emptied my clip on the is3 was that there were several other tanks there, and shooting the is3 through the other side of the rock would get attention from them. I think that if I stayed in there I would get rushed by 6+ tanks and just died there...? 

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