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Radley-Walters or better medal replay place

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so its been awhile since this thread has been used but meh so what, i'm bored lol...


So first off, found myself on Karelia in my SU-122-44, I'm top tier so I believe i can bully a few pubbies. It gets a bit hectic at times as I notice my pubbies seem to be dissapearing around me, let you watch for yourselves. 










Next, is a little bit of an older one but if you still have your 8.11, it should still play just fine. But, its in none other then my trusty Hellcat, and when you need to carry, what better then a Hellcat. Enjoy.







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I haven't had an Epic Medal battle in a long while now and even this one was pretty much a mop up operation. I even had to hold the last shot to steal the 8th. Pathetic.




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Heh, got a Radleys in the shittiest of tanks recently - Super P. I almost had a pools, but made the wrong call vs an arty at the end.  Was also a crucial for the platoon and so many medals it cut off on the vbaddict preview.




Oh yeah, I got a 2nd one recently too from a solopub. 



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Don't get Radley at tier II. Fuck you, it counts.

(Guest appearance by TouchFluffyTail)

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I need to upload the replay, the little bastard that kept me from pulling out a win refused to fight me. Stupid draws.




oh god this one. They left the ditch completely open. I had a field day on them. Good times.

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Suddenly, a wild SU-122-54 decides that it can steal 10 kills and do 5k damage.


I'm just going to guess that this is the only 122-54 replay here.



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First Radley's in a lonnnnnnng time. 1 kill short of a Pool's. Oddly enough in the BDR, a tank I am not fond of.



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Rad walts

1600 base exp

6k dmg


The RNG gods were with me at the end of the game

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Firstly, I am finally overall green!






First Redley-Walter's in A-43 with 2400 DMG and 770 spotting DMG in a T6 Match with some unbelievable bounces and riccochets... gave me even a Spartan Medal... 1437 base XP

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Just look at this lovely Victory :3 Ace tanker, Radley Walters, Top gun, Steel wall, High Caliber :3

Luckily enough i entered the battle in the last minutes of the premium account lol

Here is the replay if anyone interested to see how a noob plays :tongue:

I surely Did some noobish moves but then i woke up and i did all of this lol xD




Here is a pic.




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My first evar radley walters, mixed in with top gun, high caliber, steel wall, cool headed, and those small ribbon things people care so much about :P


Not sure why it's showing Unknown result, but yeah Radley Walters yay

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Almost four thousand battles into this game I finally got an eight kill game that wasn't in a tier four tank.




I actually have to thank people for some of the advice I picked up here, mainly in loadout. No more vents on this thing, I run optics now. With BIA on the crew and chocolate (I just got some free from the mission) this game turned into a real tough match but the reload and view range really made the difference I feel. (Maybe I'm just imaging it)

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Radley Walkers in a tier7 game. My hands were shaking bad at the end and I only won against the Hellcat cause he was slinging HE and I had more hull armor than the T67. Post battle results showed the Hellcat with 29 shots fired...Hellcats have 30 shells.


I wonder if he was angrier at his team for losing the advantage to a couple tier5s or at himself for bringing 90mm HE.


Probably the team.

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How to carry in 416.


1. Buy 416

2. Brawl and shoot tanks

3. ?????

4. Radley Walters Proffit


Its funny because my last shot was used to kill the last tank :)





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Lol... I'mma let you talk, but I'mma leave this here too!


Yea, I posted it in my replay thread but it isn't like anyone looks there.




I think this is why I keep playing this game, for games like this...

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