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Radley-Walters or better medal replay place

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On 11/11/2015, 19:50:59, Lowlife555 said:

I watched this, and holy shit you made so many mistakes, and still gets 12k... Ill be damned.

Well, I never said it was a perfect game :)

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Posting this one for my son (he just turned 12).  Mostly the reds kind of fed themselves to him and the KV-220 is retardedly OP, but still the Pools/Kolo is pretty nice.



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T8 meds are some of the most fun tanks in the game. They revolve around using terrain, relocating, and having fun with heavies in the late game.

A moving T69 defense by spraying shells all over the place. Check out the ending, where I'm casually reloading while trolling heavies solo:


This Indien game ending was less solid on my part, which is why it had all the more exciting end game:


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Would've had 9 kills, Burda's, and Fadin's, but one of my shots at the end decided to miss. I crie evrytiem. Anyways, 3.6k damage and 2.8k assist. I played the opening a bit poorly but I felt like I did fairly well with spotting/relocating towards the end. 

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Been having one of those days where every sub 1k wn8 player wants to hump my tank and mess up my game.  I gave these turds a warning at the beginning of the game. So... Ignore the TK.  And the subsequent Team Dmg.  Yes, I'm that kind of dick which follows through.



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So because I felt like finishing my 3 mark A45 grind, I played it through the night, finishing the third mark, and saw I was 28th in the Tank Competition Thingy


Noticed that my 1st game was only 300 xp and if I played one decent game at 1000 xp, I would be top 3 at least, on average.

One game later..







So theoretically if im correct, this last 300xp battle drops off and is replaced by this one, I will have 1214 average xp over a string of 5 games, and will get a cromB :D

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1) Since I managed to do HT-12 for Obj 260 with Hodors with the first attempt with the ST-I this morning, hence 2 days of Premium, I decided to grind some credits, so I activated the Credit booster and started spamming my Tier 8 Premiums...

2) This week is the first time I enabled Assault ever since WG gave us the possibility of disabling it... so I barely had any idea on how to defend Siegried Line

With that being said...



Really happy with myself, except for allowing that T-34-85 to spank me a few times + didn't react fast enough against the SU-122-44, but otherwise SerB bless paper tanks + HE shells

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First time i'm ever able to post in this thread what up (since I don't have replays for my other two radleys games)





feels good man

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