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[VPG] Vorbild Panzergruppe is Recruiting [VPG-R]

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Vorbild Panzergruppe is recruiting for clan wars on the NA server.  Our developmental clan, [VPG-R] has also been participating in clan wars several times a week.  Whether you are a clan wars veteran looking for a home or a player still working your way towards clan wars readiness, the VPG family has a home for you!


[VPGVorbild Panzergruppe - Our original clan in WoT, this division is designed to be a land holding group. We ask that you try to make at least 3 nights (whichever nights they happen to be) per week of Clan Wars. Gold earned from the map will be distributed weekly to those who are in attendance (in TS and in the Special Battle queue).

[VPG-R] Vorbild Panzergruppe Reserve - This is our development clan for those without end tier Clan Wars tanks. It is also for those who don't want to do Clan Wars but want to be part of our other activities. We sometimes move players here if they need to be gone from the game for extended periods of time. Members of VPG-R are more than welcome to participate in training, Tank Companies, and platoons with members of VPG and VPG-S. We all actively work to help VPG-R players improve.

We have recently strengthened our recruiting standards for new members, please see below.

Membership requirements for all Vorbild divisions:

- 18+ only

- TeamSpeak and a microphone

- Participate on our forums; at least visit to know what is planned for that day

- Must agree to Vorbild standards of conduct. These are not onerous and amount to “no asshats”.

- 1,000+ battles

Recruiting standards for [VPG]:

- Overall win rate of 52%+ (rounded up) 

- 60 day win rate of 54%+ (rounded up)

- Overall WN7 of 1,100+

- 60 day WN7 of 1,300+

- At least (2) Clan War preferred Tier 10 tanks.

- Muster at a time designated by the Command Staff at least 3 times per week (tracked attendance)

- When VPG has no land; available for three landing tournaments per week and train once per week.

- When VPG has land to defend; available for Clan Wars at least three times per week and training once per week.

Recruiting standards for [VPG-R]:

- Overall win rate of 48%+ (rounded up) with at least 1,000 battles played

-There are no training requirement or mandatory attendance requirements for VPG-R

- At least one non-premium Tier VI or higher tank

- Members are encouraged to form Wargaming tournament teams and participate in other organized gameplay

Other stats will also be evaluated when making a decision on a particular applicant but these are the baseline

If this sounds like a family you would like to join, please begin by visiting our forum and registering using your WoT name.

Link to Vorbild Panzergruppe Forum

Once you have clicked the link in the email you receive, you can fill out the Vorbild membership application which you will see at the top left of our homepage. Be sure to answer every question with something or the app will fail.

The recruiters or other members of command staff will get back with you.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept applications directly from the WoT website. You have to apply on our website first. Thanks! 

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The [VPG] recruiting drive continues.  We are looking for dedicated tankers seeking a drama-free clan wars experience.  [VPG-R] is recruiting those building towards clan wars readiness.  PM me for details.

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Our stay in Montgomery was short, but how long do you want to stay in Alabama, anyway.


We're still recruiting dedicated tankers for clam wars and other organized tonktivities.  Hit me up for more into.

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