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French TD Equipment - Specifically AC Mle. 1946

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G'day Guys,


Just wondering what equipment I should be running on this TD? I'm only really beginning to delve into TDs after testing the Foch155 on the test and loving it.



I like to play my 1946 fairly aggressively. Most commonly, I find myself as a top tier tank and the only 1300+ eff on the team and therefore going to have to pull most of the team's weight.


Otherwise, if not top tiered, I'll play the traditional TD role. 




I am wondering if I should be more focused on vision: Binos + camo or more focused on pure DPM


I currently run Rammer/GLD/Optics. However, I'm curious about Rammer/Binos/Camo.  


Can someone (purple poasters looking at you) break it down, tell me what they use and also recommend me something based on my play style? If my playstyle's shit, say so lol

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Only speculation and playing against them. The tier7+ are all decently nimble and have good speed. That front sloped armor is trollish to all hell, but you do have a big weakspot like a T110e5. The guns are decently accurate, bad aimtime, higher ROF (autoloader at T10) and the damage to match. More DPM machines than huge alpha (or big burst in the form of the Foch155)

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so to slightly necro this thread, I'm running Rammer/Optics on my S35, should I grab Camo or GLD as the third choice?  I'm leaning towards GLD, because I'm not sure how effective any attempt at camo will be with this bathtub, but I'm curious what others that are better/more experienced think.  I've elite'd the tank with just the 2, but I plan on keeping it around in my garage.

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