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Taking the tarp down, putting out the camp fire

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Howdy folks,


I've been playing this game for under a year. Got into TD's and got way too comfortable in the role.  My stats are skewed, I'm a decent player at best, proof of this is how I'm constantly owned by lights. I cringe whenever I see an ELC, AMX or a T71 anywhere near me. I've been trying to remedy this by switching lines and playing some lights/scouts. I recently got the T71, Type 64, AMX 12t and ELC but I'm finding  switching play styles to be a real challenge from the usual camping/sniping passive nature of TD's. I try to assess my role in lights game by game, using the pre start up to figure out where I could best be needed.  I do play the T49 and M18 very aggressively and have learned more in these two tanks than any other. Hoping to expand on that.


I play mainly solo pubs but would like to get into a clan for training and eventually clan battles. I have a few tier 8's and one tier 9, but again I'd like to just train with other decent players. I find I'm most comfortable around tiers 5-7, in tiers 8-10 I am but a fish out of water. 




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Your title had me confused for a moment, wondering if I had clicked a link on a bushcraft/survival forum or something. =D

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