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Greatest Improvement 2 World of Tanks Ever Best Patch Jp

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offical weeb voice pack created by wg


all hail serb




imo they should just replace national and default voices with this so everyone can taste the autism.

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I expect having lolis in my tanks will exponentially increase my stats by a factor of 69

No legit, cuz dun want to mai lolis 2 get hit and be features of guro films, I'll be 100x more careful when I play.



5k wn8 here I cum

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Now if they only had Miyuki Sawashiro and Aoi Yuuki to do a set of voices!

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Me 18 seconds into the movie:


you made it further than I did. I don't know what happened 3 seconds past the WG logo

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If I could I would. *installs mod* >_>

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