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National Anthem of the Unicorn Union

The People's Demographic Census of the Purple Republics:  

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  1. 1. Have you ever lived under the collective regime of the first NASA?

  2. 2. Have you ever fought during the golden days of Euro-Russia?

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Russia called - they want their revolution back.






Darkest days are these indeed, as we crawl through global economic stagnation, the collapse of the military industry, and the mass riots on our golden honeypots. Diplomacy and rivalry have all but become matters of triviality, given the status quo of six provinces per clan. Such is the frozen state of the world map that, truly, it gives new meaning to the definition of "Cold War". Gone are the joyous days of Euro-Russo-Warfare, the vigorous sparring of unicorn e-peens, and the multicultural wonders of the Big Three, the Scandin-African-scrubs, and the goons, who ruin everything. All those and more have been replaced by the American melting pot, which forces upon us immobility, lack of additional farming opportunities, terrible or non-existent wardecs, and non-stop riots from the buttmad pubbie potato-class.






The provinces of the unicorns, even those with 5% riot chances, are now incessantly assaulted by swarms of baddies hoping to win a piece of land by some miraculous technical victory. And given the general incompetencies of the WarGods, errors and technical victories are not an uncommon phenomenon. Thus the unicorn is trapped under a sea of red, a most unsettling and supernatural threat with the ability to strike anywhere on the map. Likewise when faced with arty on the battlefield, the unicorn dares not step forward for fear that RNG should spite her. In this manner, progress is impeded, and as the WarGods have brought much the same system upon the global arena, so too stagnation is inevitable.






Under such oppression, what is the unicorn to do? Is this the end of the clanwars meta as we know it? The very reason for which we post drama and talk smack, for which we beat up pubbies for EXP to grind our Tier 10s, for which we padded in platoons and in tank companies, just so we can join a big clan and pad further in clan wars? To answer such questions, we must ask ourselves, "Who are we? What are we prepared for?". Were the unicorns not the ones who, since the beginning of time, stood up and rose above the scrubbish hordes? The ones who fought for and won their eternal freedom from pubbie ignorance?



It was the unicorn who walked the path from yellow, to green, to blue, and to the deepest of purple. It was the unicorn who brought the world together under the banner of the Unicorn Union, our dear motherland for whom we wrote, with script of the purest violet, our national anthem. Let not one of us forget the promises we made and the journeys we have been through, that which is immortalized forever in our hearts, minds, and digital multi-media. Let all rise for the song of the unicorn: the one, the only, the purple-tinted, the lavender-encrusted, National Anthem of the Unicorn Union!






National Anthem of the Unicorn Union



The purple republics in freedom united,

Have mustered their power, their swagger, their pride!

And thus they created the Unicorn Union,

To purge all the pubbies that spread far and wide!



Build, N-A-S Alliances; farm, all the global provinces!

Mad goaldz and premium for player and clan!

Wealth of the unicorns, lead us to victory!

Firing all gold rounds since freedom began!



Through days dark and stormy our winrates have led us,

Down the bright path to scrub scrubs from this game!

While X-V-M showed us that faith in statistics,

Inspires us to carries, to deeds, and to fame!



Pad, from our platoons never leave; drag, along the entire team!

E-peen and ego for player and clan!

Luck of the unicorns, lead us to victory!

Pubstomping baddies since freedom began!



We fought for the future, denied the deniers,

To pubbie potatoes we'll never give in!

For glorious spergings of small clans' frustrations,

We'll see the creation of NA-SA again!



Rise, citizens of C-R-D; Post, and great drama there will be!

Pub tears and laughter for player and clan!

Thread of the unicorns, lead us to victory!

Singing sweet memories since freedom began!


When the battle seems lost and the pubbies ragequit back to their garages, the unicorn can always carry. Stagnation and campfests are nothing when faced with the superior tactics and flexibility of the purple tankers. While the worst of the WarGods' updates and subversions are likely yet to come, and the possibility of our extinction remaining very real indeed, the unicorn's creative nature and advanced intellect will never fail. As sure as the gold that pours into our treasuries, the unicorn will find a way to collect pubbie tears and complaint threads, to wage the same epeen war for the hundredth time, and to create new, exciting metagames in spite of any obstacle before us. And should our renowned luck finally run out during our noble struggle against the terribads, the Unicorn Union will go out with no less than a purple blaze of glory.



With riot intensities rising, the pressure is building. Both sides are anxious - the stage set, the players ready, the countdown ticking. Will the pubbie masses succeed in extinguishing the light of the unicorns, or will the unicorns respond with something even greater than NASA? Revolution is coming, of that all are sure. What remains to be seen is, whose revolution it shall be.





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I went a little bit more extreme...


Perfect, is there any way for you to lock someone's rep? =D

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I went a little bit more extreme...





We didn't even know the system could go that high.

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