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OCD's Medium Replays

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Since I mostly play mediums or medium-like heavies these days and people seem to ask me for replays, I'll upload them in batches for people to enjoy

If you have any questions about the way I play, where to go on a map in what tank, or what my equipment/skills/etc. for each tank are, just ask

These batches are unfiltered, they contain games where I win and lose, do good and bad, and some are platooned but most aren't


If you have a request for a specific tank, I'll see what I can do

I have access to my own account with tons of tanks I'm familiar with, one NA account with over 100 different tanks across every tier, and one account with most German tanks in the game


- These are 8.11 replays, some might still work, but expect most to be broken -



E 50






FCM 50t



Object 416






WZ-111 1-4



Leopard 1 (played on my NA account)




Medium batches containing mostly E-50M replays with some T-62A and STB-1 replays


General medium batch N. 1


General medium batch N. 2


General medium batch N. 3

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OK this I need to see. Thanks for uploading.  My tier X games fall into 3 x categories.  


1. I Slaughter all before me

2. I become a complete potato and make a fatal error which gets me instaboomed to death in the blink of an eye (usually at the start)

3. I fight hard all the way and still find myself as the last man standing due to team melting before opposing side, no amount of carry can overcome


I will be keen to see how you go to influence your games.  Thanks for posting

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Oneeechan-san, most of the replays get cut-off... probably due to latest patch. Would you have some current new patch ones to share? Im mostly a mediun driver as well and I enjoy watching your stuff. Thank you very much!

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I won't lie, I suck at and hate this tank

However, I still manage a few decent games here and there

If you want to watch me either camp and get 4k+ damage or switch into potato drive and deal one drum of damage, feel free to give these replays a watch



E 50 M Batch 2


Continuing my E 50 M obsession, here's more replays

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That Maus at the end was pretty sour :). Just goes to show how early spotting can really set some people's game way off.

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Do you feel like you get better results when platooned(dpg and kpg mainly) than when solo?


Curious because I wanna be able to achieve atleast 3.5k dpg and 1.8 kpg

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I think there's a slight correlation between better stats and platooning for me, but I can almost never be sure

Sometimes when I platoon with deep purples, I win about as much as or less than when solo, and DPG is either lower or much better than normal

But the strangest thing is when I platoon with green players which causes my winrate and DPG to skyrocket, and I'm not sure why


Overall though, to me it doesn't matter much if I'm platooned or solo, I'll achieve similar results anyway

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