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Streamer Partnership Program

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Hi folks.

This is the WoTLabs Streamer Partnership Program. WoTLabs will be partnering with streamers who distinguish themselves in both skill and tutoring. As the entire point of WoTLabs is to provide tools to help players improve, Livestreaming is one of the best tools out there, as players are able to watch a unicum perform live, with commentary, and are able to ask him questions.

How does it work?

Partner Streamers are featured prominently in the sidebar of the WoTLabs website, with an icon indicating when they are online. WoTLabs currently has around 30.000 daily page views.

Partner Streamers also get an exclusive channel in the WoTLabs TeamSpeak which they can use for viewer platoons or whatever they want (upon request).

How do I join?

First things first, these are the guidelines we're looking for. They're flexible, so if you don't meet all the guidelines, you might still get an invite:

  • Average of 100+ consecutive viewers.
  • Have a regular streaming schedule of at least 3 days a week.
  • Unicum (2350 WN8 or higher)
  • Clear commentary
  • Answer viewer questions about the game

Currently the only way to get an invitation is to be recommended by current partner streamers, purple poasters or WoTLabs staff. We will no longer be receiving direct applications.

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Is it even possible to stream/answer questions effectively without having 2 monitors?

Windowed mode/ side-snap?

sorta works for me when I stream.

I am interested though.

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Welp, guess I could start playing/streaming this game after this semester is over. Don't care about the gold stuff, would rather just have people to actually talk to/see me play terribly

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