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looking for people to platoon with NA server

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Looking for people to platoon with tiers 5-10. Had a tough day playing yesterday and want some help carrying.

I have tanks at t5, 7, 8, 9 that I am grinding and a t4 scout.

Past 1000 battles have been 90%+ solo.

I prefer people who don't rage all the time, some rage is expected with this game lol.


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You should hop on the JKL Mafia teamspeak server sometime (limbo.teamspeak3.com). There's a lot of great guys to platoon with and it's the reason why LIMBO and KIMBO exist: a bunch of quality chill tankers to play with. You can easily find people willing to platoon any tier you want, especially tier 8s.

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I'm not very good yet, but I'm happy to platoon as well. I would also love to join in any TCs if anyone wants to form one up and needs an extra body. I have ears for my Comms, but my mic is sketchy when it works at all. I follow orders decently, when I understand them, but I'm not a good option for calling/commanding....yet.

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