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Tier 5 NA East platoon?

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Is anyone gud@tonks (or just average) interested in platooning with me? I have T-34, M41(elite), VK 30.01(H), and StuG III G(elite). Also, if you want to platoon at lower tiers, I have a Pz. II G. I am looking for someone to help me get better via advice and example. I play for approximately an hour to an hour and a half, in around half-hour chunks, between around 16:30 and 21:30 EST (4:30-9:30 for those who dislike military time). PM me if interested, please!

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Hello, I'd be happy to join in when you get someone to train you. Often, I find, it helps to have more than 1 noob in the platoon for showing examples of what NOT to do and explaining how/why something works or doesn't work.

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I play during those times and wouldn't mind passing on the little that I know.  I've got a BDR and T-25 that I could play.  I will say that  I get more from watching videos of good players playing than I do platooning with them.  Firstly, you get to watch them play the whole match and hopefully get some commentary about why they're doing what they do.  The other thing, that maybe only effects me, is that I sometimes play worse because I'm self conscious about making a dumb move. 

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