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Chips- Clan-Warfare Hardened Individuals Providing Support

"Chipping Into To You, One Stack At A Time"


CHIPS, is a brother clan to Dice and DiceR comprised of clan war hardened veterans. We are a diverse group of friends from all over the world dedicated to providing our members with tactical excellence at the Platoon, Company and Clan level team play. We value tankers who can learn quickly, think on their feet and improve their overall skills. While having fun and working together to complete our common goal of achieving a victory each and every time we compete.




Tankers MUST have a minimum of 1 Tier 10 preferably 2

Tankers need to have a minimum 30 day WN8 of 1100 or better

Tankers need to have a minimum 60 day WN8 of 1300 or better

Tankers must have 50% win ratio


Tankers must be able to attend Clan Wars at least 3 nights a week

We prefer tankers 18 years and older but will make exceptions for the right candidate


All Tankers MUST have Teamspeak and a Mic

All Tankers MUST be in Teamspeak while in game



Benefits of joining the Dice Family


We share TeamSpeak with our brother clans so there is no need to tank alone

Compete in Clan Wars & Tournaments

Play with skilled, like minded tankers

Clan wide giveaways and competitions

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We are seeking active tankers to fill our ranks. We try to participate in clan wars nightly and most tournaments. If your interested please feel free to stop by our ts at dicetanks.com or our website at dicetanks.com.

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We are still recruiting mature clan wars tankers. If your interested please stop by our teamspeak @ dicetanks.com or our website at dicetanks,com.

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