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[NA] 1469 Recent WN8 53.48% Overall 1127 WN8 55% Looking for Clan/ Open league Team

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I have 18000 battles that overall WN8 is going to extremely hard to get into green, but I am doing what I can to at least do a decent dark green for my recent. Do note I am a  "standard" player, so credits have been limited. Anyhow, I am now looking for a good clan that is 7/42 based, I have access to multiple tier 8s that commonly used:
AMX 50 100
Tiger 2
Most tier 8s have at least 2+ skills, with the exception being the AMX 50 100 with 1.5 skills. As well, I do have a good amount of calling experience for team battles with randoms achieving an average of 68-74%.
As for CW, at this point, I still cant afford to run CW. tier 10s are great, but I no longer see enjoyment in CW. Nonetheless, Good clans require them.So heres a list:
Quite a few tier 9s researched, but given im a standard player.Therefore, 3 million credits is rather hard for me to achieve with my rather casual use of gold rounds in my tier 8s. 
TL:DR Looking for Tourny 7/42 clans/possible open league team.Anyone willing?
NOTE: I do have a preference of having commanders and leadership above green or yellow. I've had some bad experiences with a "red" commander/deputy that had a bad case of spainish honour. 
EDIT1: le sighs
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Don't worry about your overall too much at this point. Try to get that 60 day over 2000 and 56% and you would have a shot at some more competitive clans. Also, I would buy the T57 as soon as possible.

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