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50b worth the grind - hows the grind?

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Ok I was thinking about going up a auto loader line that plays like a med / e50m that's not a t57 heavy.

plez post you opinion on each tank in the line and a bit about plez. I dont ask for much :verysmug:

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Tier 5 French: Gud, dat alpha yo

Tier 6-7, meh to blah, but that 100mm prem round?! 200+ pen and extra damage?! Sign me up!

Tier 8: WOOT!!!!

Tier 9: wtf... my gun only goes up and down that far?! 

Tier 10: 60kmh!!! APCR prem! *ok* hull armor!

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Tier 1-4.  Free XP to save sanity.


The next 2 tanks are TERRIBLE stock.  


BDR- < probably one of the most underrated tier 5's in the game.  makes good $$ also.

ARL- < fun and bouncy sniper heavy that can really do some work.


AMX m4 45 (called this the AMX alt F4, hated it that much).  Slow, huge, soft, prone to module damage.


AMX 50-100 Bad ass, can be tricky to play well, but once you figure it out it is a ton of fun.


AMX 50-120 Great gun, gun inclination and depression very lacking making it hard to use the gun, otherwise good tank.


AMX 50B - Badass in the right hands.  Needs a buff to shoot faster between rounds like T57 does.  Needs more exposure time to empty drum.  Solid and fun flanker/flexer with the ass needed to get it done.  Turret can be quite bouncy, but don't count on it. 

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Tier 1-4: free exp, boring as fuck shit

tier 5/6: decent, they have their own playstyle

tier 7: more of a support tank, not too much fun. its just kinda bleh in everything. decent mobility for a heavy tho

tier 8: fun as hell

tier 9: heard good and bad

tier 10: really fun. I prefer it over the T57 for the mobility

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1-3, over fast. Play the 20 or so games and save the free XP.

4 B1 - Angle your armor, RoF, Gold when needed. Tier 4-5 MM. Nothing wrong with it. Worth the unique experience. 

5 BDR - this is where you use your Free XP. Thing crushes your soul stock. Final gun? Rape face. High pen/Alpha. Stay here and get 6th sense, grind credits. I still have mine

6 ARL 44 - Has great hull armor, and most noobs shoot the hull instinctively so... enjoy that. Troll tracks. Avoid exposing your sides AT ALL TIMES! Amazing pen, tank works in tier 8 just fine. 

7 AMX M4 45 - Uh, get it over with. Gets you used to having paper armor??

8 AMX 50 100 - Beast. HUGE learning curve. You will wonder why you chose this line here, until you get used to the clip and no armor and where to go, what to do etc. Then it becomes beast mode.

9 AMX 50 120 - Reminded me of the M4 45 experience, not the worst, not the best. Just get through it. Gun control is horrid. Gun pen/damage is not. Reload is much better than the 50 100.

10 AMX 50B - No idea, 100,000 credits from buying it now though....

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Imho AMX 50B> T57


In many situations it can use its speed for flexing and its APCR though mostly unneeded makes HEAT ammo look like shit. 

I just re-bought mine at the advice of some purple posters here and because of my newer med tank playstyle I've upped the dpg to nearly 3k and W/R to near unicum

also its what Im "padding" at tier 10.

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Out of the 19 Tier X tanks I have, I love the 50b the most.  Use the 50-100 and 50-120 to grind the crew though.  Having BIA + snapshot + smooth ride makes this tank.  Just follow other heavies around, let them fire and brawl, pop out, clip someone, RUN AWAY.  Makes it fun and annoying, like the T71 just with better alpha.



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