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WOTLabs -- a welcome surprise :-)

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Hello ladies, hi guys,


googling some WoT topics I found a post on http://angryjoeshow.com about WOTLabs. In simple words: Stay away from the WoT forums and join WOTLabs. At first I was very skeptical about a website encouraging those annoying "statistic prophets" – but luckily, I was wrong. I read a few topics giving really useful tips. Well done, everyone.


I don't consider myself a good player. I only play because my son is such a huge fan of WoT. But with time, I finally have a tier 9 tank in my garage.  :thumbup: My biggest problem is that too often I play emotionally and irrationally. Sometimes I need to vent off and play like a true noob, like suiscouting with my ELC – which of course is not beneficial for my stats.  :verysmug:


Despite all the things that really suck about this game (yes, there are some), I have the wish to improve – not my stats, but my gameplay. Survive (at least longer), do more damage, kill more enemies. When you begin to battle all looks so easy. But somewhen comes the point when you realize it isn't all fun and games.  :D My son seems to know everything about every tank, when he yells at me: "You can't pen a TankXYZ at the turret. Hit the lower glacis!" – Oh, my noob...


Thanks for the tips, I'll have to read them again and again and keep practicing out there on the battlefields.

Good hunting,

Mouse Hunter  :)



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Welcome to the forums!


With the rare exceptions, we all started much like you. Bad. Just, bad. I was a terror bad. 


Joined WOTLabs and found a group of people to work with


Jump in skill was almost immediate and utterly fantastic. I do recommend reading up on the Purple Poster section, all three parts. The RocketBrainSurgeon articles are fantastic as well for some guides and guidelines.  The biggest thing to digest is not just *hey, shoot this tank here* but instead *why did they shoot that tank there from the position that they're in, and what do they do next and why?*


Welcome to the forum!

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I am so very gratefull I did not know about stats back when I started playing lol

I think XVM was not even invented back in beta but I might be wrong.



This place is extremely informative, on a level of expertise the official forums can only dream of.


On the other hand the sense of humor of some of the posters can be something you need to get used to...


... anyways welcome to the forums. :beard:

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