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Hi, I am Baarn

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I've been lurking the forums for a few days now and since I really found some good information that changed my some of my playstyle already, I thought I might as well say Hi and take part in the discussions.


I came to World of Tanks, after Wargaming released their trailer mocking EVE online. Basically everyone of the EVE Community I knew at that time gave the closed beta of WoT a try and some people might've even kept playing. Well, I obviously didn't.


I started playing again after a friend kept bugging me every day around this x-mas and finally downloaded the client in late January. Due to playing EVE I am used to a very steep learning curve that rewards you with glory and cookies after you suffered for some days, so I asked for the most complicated role in the game and chose the German scout tanks as my first tanks to master. I think I was drawn to the German tanks like most people starting the game, maybe even more because I am German. While driving the Luchs and the Leopard was really rewarding, the Durchbruchswagen 2 and the VK 30.01 (H) weren't. I went for the russian heavies, as they are deemed to be the best beginner heavies, and turns out I did really well in the KV-1. That made me decide to not rush through the tech threes, but improve in the level I feel competent with.


As a light tank driver at heart, I like flanking, scouting and using map awareness and the terrain to my advantage. My current favorite tanks are the 1390 and the Comet, which to me feels like a light tank with a medium symbol above it that discourages people from yoloing you, because "lol, light tenk, easy kill". But I am basically everywhere in the tech tree, simply to be able to take a step back and make use of the stuff I learned. My biggest side-project at the moment is the KV-13 to unlock the IS and to even my way into the Russian mediums.


tl;dr: Hello, arty is the best tank in game!


Edit: Somehow my stats are not updated at all, is that just me or is there something going on? I have about 4000 battles now, numbers seem way off with only 700 showing.

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