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This is Area 742, this is a Top Secret training facility for new, experienced, and competitive 7/42 players. We are looking forward to the Stronghold Battle Mode that will be coming out.
While you are here you will specialize in 7/42 game play, find 7/42 teams, raise awareness to the 7/42 cause, and will be a representative of Area 742.
Don't have a team, we will find one for you. 
Have a team and no scrim partners, we will find one for you. 
Want to win gold and be known? We will show you how.
What are the requirements to join?
Clan Applications must be done on the Clan Website
Have a tier 8 non-premium tank 
Be willing to learn and teach 
Be a team player 
Have teamspeak 3 
No microphone is required (but recommended)
Clan Website: 
Teamspeak Infomation: 
What [742] is currently looking for.
Teams: HIGH
Tier 1 Drivers: HIGH
Tier 8 Drives: HIGH
Callers: HIGH 
Current list of teams affiliated with [742] 
Numbers of players actively seeking a team: 0
Number of teams actively recruiting : 1
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Yep, trying to set-up a centralized area for 7/42 team and players to get together and make it easy to find scrim partners, new players, and have a mindset driven towards the 7/42 Team battle mode. Anyone can join the teamspeak and chill out, teams that don't understand the format can come and talk and hopefully find whatever they need to.

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Oh sounds really cool! I always wanted to play in tourneys but just couldn't find a team that was good or already filled. :P

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We just wanted to form a clan that could focus on 7/42 team play and tournaments (Gold/Silver/Bronze/Open League, Skirmishes, etc.)  


We didn't want to be distracted by clan wars or have people distracted trying to grind CW tanks.  A lot of 7/42 tanks don't have good tier 10 versions... and Good tier 10 tanks don't always have good tier 8 tanks.


We also wanted to be able to train people up.  As we develop more teams from the clan it will make scrimmages and practices easier.


Elevendy come check us out!  We've already started getting players to join that aren't on a team yet.  It shouldn't be long before we put together additional teams.

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Not only are several members of the 7/42 clan on The_Underscores (Bronze League team.)

But we're also putting together a reserve squad to help us train and or eventually get into the main team. :)  

We think this is the smart decision as the reserves can participate when we do practices. We can do 6v6 or 7v7 in training sessions.  You get practice running with a Bronze League team. 

Seems like a win win.

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