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[ADA] - Auzzie death Angles

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ADA - Auzzie Death Angles


We are a young clan, looking at expanding with the long term goal of joining clan wars but for now we simply platoon, and play the odd Company Battle here and there. While the Commander will tell you the clan name is all about utilising angles to bounce shots, penetrate the enemy etc - I'll tell you he'd had a few more scotches the night he created the clan name and spell-checker didn't pick up on Angles v Angels error...


About us - we a a friendly bunch of Aussies, 30-40 years old (most of us) who like a laugh while we play tanks. Our playing time is sporadic, but since a few of us are shift workers, there's generally some of us on-line at any time. At the minute we use Skype to communicate, that or the in game chat/Q button option. However we are looking at using Team speak 3 at some stage soon. Once we get a number of members I am happy to pay for that. Generally we play evenings Melbourne time, but we are often on during the day as well.


If you are up for a laugh, enjoy the game without taking yourself too seriously and can communicate in English (either through chat, Skype or in game voice) drop me a line in game (stewiejp) and I'll sign you up. We do take our tanks seriously, but won't give you a spray or banish you if your stats are low, or you make the odd mistake. We are all human. Just as long as you do your best, and if you are new or not really good at the game, you are open to advise.


What tanks do we play? Most of them. Not a lot of tier tens at this stage (though there are some), our platoons are generally around tier 7/8 but we are all working towards tier tens eventually.


Over 18's preferably, as the language can get a bit R rated, especially late at night. Bots need not apply. 

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