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strategy or mental checklist for camo sniping/spotting


In my quest to improve my game, I would like to improve my ability to use camo to snipe without being seen. Lately I think my experience per game has been lower than I would like because I use others to spot for me more often than not. This is partially due to the tanks i've been playing (leo 1, Chi-To, Chi-Nu) but I feel I could do better in this regard.
I make use of bushes when I can but I find more often than not I'm guessing about whether I will be seen or not if I fire. This results in my taking a shot and backing into cover to see if sixth sense went off, and if not poking back up and continuing to fire. When watching replays from good players it seems they already know if they will be spotted when they fire. Is this a result of experience playing a certain tank or more about knowledge of view ranges of opponent's tanks? Is there a check-list of some sort that you go through before firing from camo cover, something like:
1. is the target at sufficient range that I won't be spotted 
2. are there places to hide within view range that someone could be sitting passive and spot me from 
3. will the bushes in between us prevent me from being spotted
What are some tips and tricks that I can use to improve this aspect of my play? Do people actually do view range math in their heads or is it more a general feeling based on experience?
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I can't say I know every tank's view range, but I have good mental estimates.  Skill level of targets factors in as well.  I'll often back off after the first shot, and tailor my next few shots depending on 6th activating or not.  When possible, I try to time shots to prevent my exposure.  I'll wait an extra second for the target's turret to line up so that a tree is between his vision ports and me.  Or try to hit his tail end as the turret goes behind a rock.  


Furthermore, I trust my eyes before I trust 6th.  Does the target turn his turret right after I shoot?  That will tell me to back off before 6th pops.  Otherwise, I follow a thought process pretty similar to what you listed.  

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High-tier vision math isn't TOO demanding to do in your head, if you assume most tanks at that level have ~400m view range.  Most tanks with worthwhile camo are around 20/10/5% after camo paint and crew skills.  I also assume bushes are impenetrable beyond 200m.  So you can assume that in most cases, you'll go unspotted on the move beyond 360m, unspotted when firing beyond 380, and unspotted still beyond 320.


Optics specialists distort this somewhat, but you can usually assume you'll knock them back 60/30/10m from the 445 max.


*This only applies to worthwhile camo tanks.  E-100s and the like should just assume they're always gonna get spotted at 445.

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