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Most Disappointing Clan

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My vote? Pibblekak. Entire clan based around a part of communist cats, quickly devolves into a base of operations for ugly goons. We don't even bother to spam cat pictures anymore, and we let CRD die a horrible pub-infused death. 0/10


and then there's forge




when something dies leave it alone

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Spartan's Improved List of Shitlourdes : Clan Edition 


Simply tools/jack-offs:


S-A-S ~ Complete shit heads and terrible posters, actually decent at tanks(RIP these guys/ now we know them as FORGE)


NUKED~ Same as the above, unless of course you're facing OTTER than you get "dick in facce" (RIP these guys, couldn't care less where they went)


Completely Shit@tanks/posting/etc:

IOC~ It should be mentioned simple for the fact that they legitimately cannot see their own shit stains as they follow Lozarus across heaven and earth like one of Tuco's venereal diseases.


ESK2/ -TFA-/-MSD-: more personal than anything only on list because I have dealt with these shit heads personally as a depcom.


Funny Shitheads:


Before their untimely demise T-POL was my favorite clan that was devoted entirely to trolling maintaining order and peace.


At times I find D-O-S antics to be funny , and they're not bad guys they just have a stigma associated with the D-O-S tag.


Any clan that has ever housed MrPeabody is automatically funny or Gud@posting (lel just said SGLE was gud at posting)

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May I recall an infamous clan of Hellcat stat-padder shit-poasting in CR/D for a good 2 months at the beginning of 2014?

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i thot -g- would be full of badass rambo types but instead half of them want to put their dick in me


where are the manly clans when you need them




manliest of manly clans. 

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FOB/Chink subclams bring shamfru display to our peopleez. (king/queen/usavch) etc.

PVP brought shame to the Filipino community but at least they were pleasant ,


GVN was Vietnamese right? 


ROTA was always good (Brazilian right?)


Typhoon witches ~no idea

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yea, pretty much.

If a South Korean or Japanese WoT Community comes to NA, hopefully, they aren't that bad.

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I don't think he wanted to talk about clans that are simply BAD, he was saying more "who had potential and failed to live up to it?"


S-A-S actually had some decent players but were hung by their own leadership.


FORGE....just ugh. When the mighty fall, they fall hard.


D-O-S and W-A-R had potential to be power clans around the time of the SCC War, IDK what happened after (that was my yearlong break from tanks).


Fake MLP...

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[MVP], I think they managed to colloapse within a week or so, despite recruiting a very decent line-up (WN8-wise) in that time.

yea, Ros made that, but sadly, he got invited by havok.

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I've never really understood the appeal of some of the NA clan names.

Clans like PBKAC, BADGR, and similiar named clans.


No offense to the folks that has it as their tags, but I just don't see the appeal.

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