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  2. Every single time the player named Cantshootstraight is on my team and he isn't top tier, he bitches about matchmaker, drives to the red line behind cap and parks in a bush. I've submitted tickets to support about him and other layers like him and all I got in replay was something like, "THere are many different play styles in WOrld of Tanks. While not all are the same as yours, you have to understand that some players play the game differently than others." or something similar to that bullshit. https://wotlabs.net/na/player/Cantshootstraight Why does Wargaming allow players whoa re the equivalent of bots to continue to play when it makes the game worse for everyone?
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  4. Nice one, it's insane how good the PTA is right now
  5. which garage mod and camo is that? camo sexy af
  6. No, we are not currently doing nightly, or even scheduled stronks. We now do those whenever there is enough interest and attendance. We are also very light on callers at the moment. We do have a contingent that are interested in doing stronks when they can, but I can't guarantee you any regularity of it. You are more than welcome to stop by our TS (minions.enjinvoice.com) and say "hi", see what's up, or whatever.
  7. Reach out to a recruiter in game, they're a good training clan, they should be doing stronks~
  8. A 45 battle 3 Mark at tier 9 with 4.6k avg well beyond anything I had ever done before All games were streamed
  9. Yesterday
  10. WTF is going on in Frontlines? Game after game I barely make Captain before the game is  over, defend or attack. I used to average major (so equal number of captains and generals with a bunch of majors) but it's slipping away fast. Not sure what's going  on but perhaps this boost to heavy tanks has given Steve the incentive to drive heavies and they are just too slow to stop caps and attacks on objectives. This is a terrible development....

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    2. LamaLeif


      Yea I have been having the same problem, lemmings pushing for victories in games with not even a Major present. I have not seen any evidence pointing to it being heavies though, I don't even see that many of them compared to the amount of spaghettos, wheelieboiis, various other mediums and the skorps/su130pms.

      In the past frontline weeks I have been playing mostly solo and chilling, I may have to adopt a new philosophy of platooning to maybe oppose and deal with the lemming issues. Though how do you stop a 20 lemming lemming train?

    3. WhatTheSkara


      It's a prime time problem.


      In the morning (on EU) games are way better, people are way more competent and know that fast games are a waste of time, so they make sure to cap everything and slowly kill each other, unless there's not much time left and in that case the attackers push turrets.


      Yesterday morning had quite a few geneals, but in the afternoon i mostly had captain games with the occasional major. I suspect it'll be the same today.

    4. LamaLeif


      definitely not the case, this morning has been completely retarded teams

  11. Buffed Super Pershing bought back on sale today. Had discount coupon to. So WG, please take my money!!  Cant go wrong :doubleguns2:

    1. hall0


      You just bought a Super Pershing... 

  12. harrydash

    CS:GO thread

    Nice tips. Honestly, I've been searching on the Internet for a useful and detailed guide on csgo for a long time. I found a very cool csgo guide a couple of months ago. Just look, it will be especially useful for beginners.
  13. Recently came back to the game and have lazily been continuing the T10 light grinds I left undone in 2015. I figured I'd get the Sheridan and sell the old derpie... after reading this thread I'm not so sure anymore. Heh, took out the 49 after reading myself into a half chubby...
  14. The good dispersion values kind of offset the aim time and accuracy, depends how bad that tumour is. Completely craps all over the Chieftain/T95 tier 8 reward.
  15. Last week
  16. Getting kinds burnt out on Frontlines.  I'm doing pretty well and it still seems like a LOT of work.  7 Games this Episode. 5 wins, 4 Generals.  You can't even just Yolo 100 games either...

    1. punishersal


      After having played so far only 2 frontline games, I like it so far. Or mostly the whole idea that your game doesnt end when your tank is destroyed.

    2. kariverson


      Yeah the grind is insane even if you get general every game. So monotonous doing the same game after game. Even I that's I'm a whore for new reward tanks, I gave up 2 episodes ago. Just can't.

    3. 8_Hussars


      It is a good distraction but its unfortunate that WG hid exclusive premium tanks behind the grind wall.  The only reason many toughed it out in the 2018 Version was for the Bonds.

      The 50% increase in FLXP to Prestige for this series, coupled with the "Balancing" for Episode 5, makes the grind seem that much longer with more effort and less worth it overall.

      I will have to check for sure but anecdotally the general rate is down in my games this Episode.

  17. Tanks are too accurate, 0,4 wasn’t uncommon on tier 10 heavies back when the IS-4 was good. IMO when the game was at its peak in quality. Blame the russian playerbase for being braindamaged alcoholics for pushing the game in the pixelsnipe/CQC direction because they genuinely like that gameplay
  18. >le exam, govt one, so I can be a Certified IT boi

    >php questions, java, java script, html, css, databases...

    >"Which one of those logos is Joomla?"

    What. The. Actual. Fuck? O_O I've never used cms, how the fuck am I supposed to know?

    1. LamaLeif


      Did you really get that question on your exam? because that is one hell of a retarded question.

    2. orzel286


      Yup, question 26, I'll give a link or a scan later if you want XD

  19. Looking for platoonmate. Credit 8s. Send me a PM in game

  20. i might do some replay requests soon since the kanker gameplay has calmed down a little since the patch

    tell me which tank u want replays of and i'll play a 10 game session and upload it in a thread somewhere

    only tier 9 and 10

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    2. sohojacques


      I’ve been meaning to rebuy the WT auf whatever for 260 sneaky missions. Show me how to play it Kolni.

    3. Snoregasm2


      T-55A (I know it's good and you'll probably enjoy playing it - interested to see how aggressive you are in it, as it feels like I get worse results the more aggressive I am in it, contrary to a lot of Russian meds)

      Tvp 50/51 (how to play it in this meta, feels like it's been one of the worst losers from the armour creep/map meta)

      Object 277 (feels very awkward to use for me, no hull armour but shit gun dep, and the speed often hurts rather than helps if you get too aggressive)

      T-100lt - (not sure if you play lights, but would be interesting to see how you farm damage in such a scout based tank)

      907 - (to see how you use the armour more than anything else)

      I'm sure there's more but the list above should be plenty for now. I feel like it's Christmas :tanfiesta:


    4. nabucodonsor


      Stock IS4. Only HE

  21. Unlocked it, finished up my WZ-132 grind. I wish I had a higher win rate in it, but I got a streak of bad teams (the teams that has 2-4 players with 0 damage rofl stomps). The WZ-132 gun accuracy is pretty bad, but I still made it work, my WN8 on it over the past few days wasn't bad. Gonna try a few more games in in the WZ-132A. The first game I played in it, the gun is pretty much like the WZ-132... just now... it see's tier 10's more often. I wish I had a better turret than the tier 8. Now, I have all the Tier 9 tanks, muahahaha.
  22. 8_Hussars

    Naval Action

    Thanks for the reminder. Been ages but I will have to see if my potato can play this again... 5 fps was a little frustrating.
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