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  3. you play it in frontline with the best XP boosters you have and never look back afterwards other than that, the tank dose best in groups, stick with some other mediums or play 2nd line behind heavies.
  4. I tend to have better games when attacking, but only because I can repeatedly switch flanks and hit defenders where they're weak. On defense, I tend not to do so well because defending works well when I'm more or less equal in numbers on the flank. If superior, they stop attacking (and I need to react with flank-switch) or if inferior I generally get facerolled. But I think both have similar WRs. On attack the SEA pubbies can be utterly fucking retarded and camp/passive like shit, but on defense they can also just really ignore the strategic issues.
  5. So I've stock-ground T69, Charioteer, Caernarvon, and Pantera from absolute stock to fully-kitted, all in Frontlines. It was a shitty experience but hey, I'm quite glad. Now I can focus on Premspam for silver earnings.

  6. Because this is the latest topic I can find on the T69. How do you even play this thing? Even with BIA and Snap Shot and VS1, the gun bloom is horrendous, which means I literally need to brawl with this. The pen is shit, it has not much armour going for it either. All I've read is HEATspam. How I've been playing this... kinda how I think the T57 should be played? Close support up near the front, seeking opportunities to dump the clip without taking much return fire. And my shots miss half the time anyway. Any tips from those who've gone through this?
  7. I hate it when people do that. The only time I try to go for the turrets fast in a light tank is when my team is having trouble capping F and I want to draw some of the defenders away. Otherwise I just shoot tanks and try to cap to get the maximum prestige. This sneak-attacking objectives seems much easier in the wheelies than it is in regular light tanks.
  8. I can only fit one in my.... nevermind
  9. Yesterday
  10. I have tried this tactics and was disgusted how little progress in the ranks I have received. Killing the turret entirely alone I have moved maybe one third of the rank (Sergeant to Lieutenant). It seems that focusing on enemy tanks and simply ignoring the objectives makes much more sense.
  11. A new take on crossing swords?
  12. Material drop rates in fate grand order are lies. JUST LET ME ASCEND MY HAREM T_T

  13. Played ~20 battles on the test server and all I can say is, thank fucking God I quit WoT long time ago. Even if we completely disregard arty as the dumbest game mechanic in history of games, just the pure RNG nature of the game, completely broken tanks, imbalanced and stale corridor maps, fantasy blueprint tanks with cancer mechanics that completely break any sort of game balance just makes this game pretty much the worst fucking game I've ever laid my hands on. The only positive thing from this game is that i managed to sell my EU account couple of years ago and got some money out of it. Holy crap, anyone who still plays this must be completely insane.

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      but crew skins

  14. WoT is like a dead corpse that we turn to more out of habit than anything else. Occasionally if you scrape off the mould, shoo off the flies, and wring out the dirt, it is.............doable?
  15. Try to hold chopsticks with your dick, I dare you
  16. 1320 damage in 6 seconds and 5.5 for the K-vagn. Almost 2.6k base DPM on the EMIL II and nearly 3k on the Kranny. (insert thinking face emoji) 

    1. Kymrel


      This assumes all shots hit and pen. After grinding through the Emil II I wouldn't feel very optimistic about that unless your target is an AFK Griille at less than 25 meters.

    2. SchnitzelTruck


      An afk grille vs an emil2 might as well be immune at any range. That gun is fucking awful

  17. The problems of letting everyone have a say, are revealed here...
  18. Last week
  19. my waifu is fucking ded

    that is all

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    2. lavawing


      Too much radiation finally, I suppose?

    3. Wanderjar


      Nagasaki is calling them home....

    4. SchnitzelTruck


      Reverse mushroom cloud 

  20. Depends on what you're playing for I guess. If all you want is prestige and credits you probably don't care, but it matters when grinding tanks. And since I can't stand grinding the Lynx in randoms I'm trying to power through that POS in this game mode. Honestly, that is the only reason I started bothering with counting wins-losses. Until then I didn't care.
  21. Pretty sure such pics can be found, rule 34 is absolute after all. Anyway - feet>>>dicks! CAN YOU LICK DICohwaitnevermind... Oh! You can't use a dick as a substitute for hands, that's why! :v
  22. They are nerfing lower tier jap heavies. Oho gets 5s longer reload AND lower alpha, same for oni. Only O-I gets to keep its reload with lower alpha. While I hate derp tanks they are nerfing them to oblivion. Who will play oho which is already meh when it's that bad.


    @leggasiini will you still play japs?

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    2. leggasiini


      Gold ammo nerf doesn't help O-Ho as much as O-I and O-Ni so yea gold ammo changes won't help it as much as it helps the other two. It's still something, though

    3. hazzgar


      Yeah I assume O-I will be a beast with new MM + gold ammo changes.

    4. sundanceHelix


      And in the meantime they aren't nerfing shit like the M44

  23. No new mechanics, no real new content :/ Game just left Beta and it was already past maturity
  24. Only if such feet come with dicks.
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