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  1. Yesterday
  2. My T49 is looking extra sexy today. Time to go get that 3rd mark.
  3. Correct. I mistyped, it does happen sometimes :-/
  4. l would like to think, to say....that map design is the largest detriment infesting the pit. And do not get me wrong, l definitely consider map design and size in certain maps, problems but there are larger issues RNG at 25% is staggering, ridiculous.... by far the largest in any main stream game l have ever taken part of. What the honest fuck, was the specific belarussian tard (or group) in charge thinking, when that was decided on. l have said this tens of times, but.....WG has not a single fucking clue concerning their matchmaker, fairness and health, and honest gamers experience. 7 years ago, they had the genuine idea, that a bus tank T1H or KV1, could appropriately meet an lS4 or T34 (then, tier 9s) or even more lol, an object 7O4 / T95. Same with artillery. lt took awhile for that to improve, just to +3, and fuck sake light tanks, even longer to go to +3 - then finally what we have +2/-2. Then their minor changes with tier 3s, templates, Etc. Well, guys, its been 8 fucking years, and they still do not have a clue. MM is still among the most complained over concepts. Just bring fucking +1/-1 across the board, and complaints for sure drop by 75% over fairness. The strong following of Front Lines, is proof enough that strong support and queued up matches, WlLL HAPPEN, with narrow MM tiers. And they can employ numerous templates, 4-11 -to- 11-4. But no, WG is near retarded, and won't relent. Camouflage is another large issue. This is a hidden one (cheap joke aside) but ridiculous camo and ninja-ing, causes alot of people frustrating rage and drives others away. No one likes to be killed by a bush wanker. View range does not appropriately counter camo, because bushes are the break point, that offer so much more to just simple vehicular camo possessed by said tank. E25, Strv, SU85B - you got your large offenders, but strong camo in general needs to just be toned down. Take for example counter strike, someone 15Om away kills you with warfare magnum, and you are dead. lt is not because you C0ULD N0T SEE the perpetrator, it is because you did not see him. And if you were not running as fast, and were more focused, you could actually see the shooter. And even with just a hand gun in your hand, still return fire. Probably not effective, of course but you could. But in this retarded game? You cannot see the shooter. Even if they fire. Like E25 or an S1. And people hate this shit, and leave.
  5. I mean 50 120 is already so damn bad, do I have to get the worst damn teams as well? 2 shots off before I die every game this session. 2300 average damage while my other recent tier 9s had 3k. Now I'm so pissed I wanna kill somebody.

    1. kariverson


      If 50b is a dud and I waste my time...

    2. j_galt


      I love all the heavy autoloaders.  Those turret bustles and long engine decks are ALWAYS sticking out someplace. 

    3. kariverson


      Less camo than WTE100 I have to stay out of view range, gun actively tries to sabotage my game, I've had full clips miss clean targets, obviously no armor, slow as shit. It has no redeeming qualities. 

  6. I’m pretty sure @CarbonWard was running two repair kits back when they were single use. So, I don’t think it’s best anymore.
  7. Cool read. Seems they even gave it less than "historical" gun depression and elevation. This tank is a pocket TD and needs a 550, 230pen HESH round.
  8. I see you earned yourself a reward tank. Have you made up your mind what to get? Must be a good feeling getting there this time around. I felt pretty sorry for all you guys caught up in the NICO bs that happened last campaign.
  9. Last week
  10. Realized I haven't posted it yet, but here is a reddit post I made about the history of the Manticore (which was called Chimera IRL)
  11. From that SC it looks like you proxied each other so you were both lit at the same time and since he was pointing at you and you didnt move at all, he probably just clicked you. Not much of a mystery I think
  12. If you need personalised help, you can just put up replays to people to analyse. There is almost always something you could have done better and decisions you should have made. Its another way to gather the input of better players based on situations you were in.
  13. That's good advice. I'm far too aggressive in this thing and it shows with a survival rate of around 20%.
  14. I just started my Skoda T50 grind. I'm still lacking the top engine so it is sluggish, but the gun is just so good. You hardly feel like you're doing damage and then you look down and you're on 3k. The smaller clip size is a blessing and a curse: you can get that clip off very quickly but you won't be able to assassinate targets like a Batchat can. The camo is pretty bad so don't expect to win any vision games. I'd say its still quite viable in today's game (I only play randoms), it's a very enjoyable tank to play.
  15. Lemmingrush, but he charges l think. To be honest, you do not need a mentor. There are large amounts of good content creators, that self narrate. You can learn lots. You are as such, at least what l can see, you don't need a mentor. You just need to focus in on what you have learned. dezgamez, orzanel, sirfoch, circonflexes, skill4ltu, lemmingrush, zeven, tuagrim, guido12, truvoodoo -- there are alot out there. Heck, while personally not a choice l'd make, one cannot doubt quickybaby performances either, and his ability to reach out to others and be a great learning material and perspective.
  16. lt is still powerful. l would say better than Standard B. 31Omm HEAT pen is a problem tier X, but not really problematic tier lX. Skoda can be somewhat of a weasel, because side spaced armour like lS3 saves it many times against tanks like Sheridan and 183 firing HE, which just splashes automatically when hitting side spaced armour. Unfortunately the tier X loses these screens. However, Skoda 5O/51 isn't really CW viable anymore. Meta has changed too much for that. And whereas l think Skoda 5O is better than Standard B (many others like Skill and SirFoch still think its great) l am sure Prog 65 is better than 5O/51, because of the autobounce 5Omm sloped hull which regulates enemies to shooting it from above or using HEAT, more HEAT pen available, and the extra gun dep .... whereas 5O/51 is an easy AP pen. Large camo difference too, favouring prog 65.
  17. I'd accept the terrible DPM (well actually it should be still higher) but it at least might make sense if the gun's alpha met with their description and the tank had like 440 or 480 alpha so it was this unique low DPM, but hard hitting mobile stealthy sniper, like they were trying to create something like a Hellcat/Leopard 1 but in light tank form. But its 390 alpha, with below average pen, and bad accuracy, and not great aim time, and terrible pen drop off. How about this - Make the reload like 11s base, that is still only like 2.1k DPM. Make the premium APCR shell the standard, with no horrible pen drop off so good 268 pen APCR. Give the tank premium HESH like the Cent 7/1 with like 520 alpha and 210 pen. Buff the shell count to 40. Buff the accuracy to like 0.32 Buff the view range to 420. Keep the above buffs. (so 0.16/0.16/0.08 dispersion with the 1.9s aim time) Then you have a more unique tank, something that is a very good spotter (very high camo and view range combo) and a decent sniper but that also can put out big alpha hits against softer targets.
  18. Thread - resurrection: How is this thing in 2019? I am close to unlocking it (55%+ win rate with TVP VTU - no idea how -, and 10.000 combat XP missions help a lot) and I wonder what changed in the last ~1,5 years since the last post. Still a beast or times changed?
  19. Pretty much every cc I saw noted the pathetic dpm. Wg response, leave dpm as is. About the only use I can see for this is when a good clan wants to tea bag some shitter clan so takes a full team of manicures.
  20. I don't have it but I guess dont rely on your armour at all. When sidescraping lift up your gun like you dont care to cover the weak turret roof. Just play it like a support tank unless you are facing tier 6s or tier 7 mediums.
  21. Some pathetic buffs for Manticore - Still awful.
  22. Hello all, I've been playing this game for years and have largely been self taught, recently I've noticed that I've hit a plateau when it comes to improvement. I'm looking to learn how improve my skills in high tier tanks (mostly 10s). I'm honestly curious to see how very talented players approach things like vision control, map control, and hit point management. I have plenty of tier 10s (even some good ones) and I am pretty flexible on time right now. Any sort of help would be appreciated greatly. -echo
  23. Ok, fair enough. These are both a couple of defeats, where I tried to be aggressive but generally my teams either let me down (Ghost Town) or melted too quickly (Malinovka). http://wotreplays.eu/site/4961822#stats http://wotreplays.eu/site/4961817#malinovka-snoregasm2-progetto_m35_mod_46 I think i've improved being passive (although Malinovka I stayed on the hill too long), but you tell me. Also, TVP 50/51 and/or T55A gameplay?
  24. Been wanting this tank since 2014, finally participated in a campaign that offered it and will be getting it. It took me a few years and it's an old tank, but a new tank for me! I read through all the pages, few questions. 1) With lower fire % chance than the 140, do you really need a fire extinguisher? I can't remember the last time I caught fire in my RU med's really. 2) Gun rammer, vert stab, +optics or vents? (I plan on using food if no fires, also related to question below). 3) Does it really need 2 repair kits? Do you find yourself getting ammo racked as much? I'm thinking about running Gun rammer, Vert stab, Vents, with Large repair kit, Large med kit, and Food... Crew wise... probably on 5th skill, so I should have camo, repairs, and BiA done. I'm thinking about using it as an assault medium (most likely running with heavies and/or pack of other mediums) and ramping up the DPM as much as possible. Thanks in advance!
  25. Yeah I can put up with everything else but maps post patch 1.0 really sucked the fun out of the game for me. Haven’t spent a cent on the game this year and can’t see that changing without major map revisions/reversions occurring (so never).
  26. Fair enough. Recently played a handful of games because I hate myself that much. Can honestly say my single biggest issue is map design. It’s basically copy/paste in 3/4 choke points and just fuck around with elevation. You can’t flank anything without being fucked over by TDS camping in bushed up spots specially designed to fuck over semi aggressive play. (I haven’t played for a while so rusty as hell) Basically it’s either have Russian Stalinium for armour or play so passively you are best off playing arty* *Asia meta
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