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  2. The same way(s) i told you 5 years ago. Or whenever it was. Certainly been a minute.
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  4. I've mounted full improved equipment on this to have a T49 with terrible MM to grind bonds with. I use ivstab, ioptics and irammer to get 550VR - tons of passive spotting and outspotting EBRs. I use both guns. The 105 for scavenging and the 152 for control. Kemp boosh, hope your team can pick off the EBRs. It's fun in either mode. Just accept that you can't brawl EBRs or T-100s and that the Leo1 is now 2x the tank you are. With a camo directive you at least can sneak some places a Leo1 can't... http://wotreplays.eu/site/5408916#studzianki-crabeatoff-xm551_sheridan
  5. I didn't realize that the API muddled together the base XP scores of premium and standard accounts. What a shame.
  6. Havent read the thread yet but I immediately thought of stacking designated target and radio set and the idea of that makes me wet. The thought of an extra 6 seconds to empty a bat clip or 4 on a t57...
  7. The new equipment items that they've shown so far actually seem pretty cool. The problem is all of these weird rules restricting items to certain classes or giving particular slot bonuses. For one, makes it hard to test if the new items are well balanced with the slot rules in effect. And secondly, the whole idea of diversifying loadouts is contradicted by trying to motivate particular slots to use particular items. As of whether the typical rammer/vstab/optics meta loadout will ever be unseated, I have my doubts. But that of all things isn't the major problem here. The real question is why all these other equipment items just aren't as good as the previous three. Long story short, the typical tank in the vast majority of typical scenarios just doesn't benefit much from most of the other items. Looking at something like the newly buffed wet ammo rack for instance, let's even take a hypothetical situation where they buffed the item even further and it made your ammo rack entirely invulnerable. Even then, it would only be situational. Any time that your ammo rack isn't being hit, the wet rack wouldn't be helping you. But on the flipside, the few times that we do see the meta loadout being changed, its because a particular aspect of a tank is so outstanding by default that the relevant item just isn't needed. For instance, running an M48 with vents instead of optics or a T92 light tank without vert stabs. The big takeaway being that for the vast majority of tanks, fire rate, gun handling, and view range just aren't sufficient as-is and simply adding new alternatives isn't going to fix that.
  8. After actual reading it, its not as bad as i thought (on paper...) I think vents will no longer be a default piece and even v-stab may be dropped, for example a maus, the higher top speed can be usefull (it says 5 km, not %, % would be total shit)) Same Turbocharger for 10% more engine power can be usefull on some tanks, those with high top speeds but weakish engine can greatly benefit (T-10 perhaps?) also, Increases turning speed on the move by 12% is a serious bonus (i think) with the bigger engine and this mobility thing, u can make something like the E50 really fast ps: also things like jamming device can be usefull, getting de-spotted 2 sec faster can be usefull (if i get despotted, and the guy next to me not, he get shot instead of me) (this last can only be put on TDs, so for TDs, vents are no longer needed i think, rammer / GLD (for 95% of the tds) and either vent / /optics / binos, this jamming device can be really usefull, even rammer can be questioned sometimes perhaps (if you are dead you cant shoot, so staying alive longer can in some specific cases be more usefull as having more dpm)
  9. make like an isekai and walk into the nearest moving truck, i'm sure the next life has unicorns
  10. You mean like this bullshit we had last CW Campaign? I already had the feeling they tested certain mechanics there. Anyway I don´t think we this will be a common sight. The more HP is not worth the trade off in a 279. Maybe the new Wet Amo Rack is. But with the HP Buff it will probably ends up like the HP buff skill in WoWs. Seeing a Battleship having more HP than usual thanks to the Survivability Expert Skill usually means the captain is a noob or trying out some tard build. Both will help the enemy to win.
  11. So basically you can meme build some tanks but things will generally stay the same. I can't wait for 2880hp 279es in CW/Adv again.
  12. They really ought to bundle a number of equipment options together. Many are lackluster specific equipment that in no way stand up against generalist equipment
  13. Aaaah. Missed that. Jesus this is idiotic. It essentially means all tanks get better gun handling and better vision. Yaaay we need a bigger disparity between good and bad players and good and bad setups to get more steamrolls.
  14. It wont get buffs from the categorie slots, but it will get buffed in general.
  15. what the others said, its bad because of the imbalance between prem and base XP and how they get lumped together, it makes it impossible
  16. Last week
  17. User-made ratings were basically developed because WG doesn't use base xp, but mixes up base and premium xp. Had base xp (without premium and without some tank's modifier) been an available stat from the start, that would basically have been a very good metric, probably leading to much less and certainly less successful user-developed ratings.
  18. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5407892#stats

    Haha, mate of mine gets the anonymized nickname "CHEATER" and the bobs including an IS-7 intentionally throwing the game somehow have the big brain moment of concluding that someone with a nickname that says cheater must surely secretly use cheats.

    1. hazzgar


      So because they have a cheater on their team they decide to lose? Wow those people must be succesful IRL. "OMG my coworker has an unfair advantage lets work so bad the company goes bust and we lose jobs".  

  19. If you can find historic base xp without multipliers, then sure xp would make a great metric.
  20. There were some slight buffs in there for some bond stuff iirc. Irammer was at 13.5% I think and similar for some others. The other benefit as mentioned is not having to be in a specific slot. Gives you more flexibility without being tied to wg's 'this is how we want you to play the tank'.
  21. Disclaimer: This is only my opinion-- you are welcome to disagree. I don't pretend to assume that my opinion is the only correct answer. The calculation for WN8 is largely based on damage and kills in a particular game, and at this point ignores spotting damage and tracking assistance. This method of measurement encourages chai sniping, because it doesn't matter if you're spotting your own damage or not-- damage is damage as far as WN8 is concerned. In this way, in my opinion, WN8 is a sub-optimal way of measuring a person's effectiveness and proficiency in battle, and it creates an incentive to farm damage rather than putting oneself in danger (for instance, it's better for your WN8 to farm damage in a light tank from the back than it is to be spotting for others, even if this leads to the loss of the game). For this reason, I think that base XP (which would ignore the effects of premium time and win/loss bonuses) should be the number that WN8 is based on for each tank (rather than damage an kills). A given tank would have a baseline base XP score that each game would be counted against and the WN8 number would be generated based on the difference between the end score and the baseline score. For instance, 1500 base XP is substantially better than, say, an average game that has something like 600 base XP, so that game would probably be somewhere around 4,000 WN8. In this way, I believe WN8 could have a more complete, holistic measure of a player's proficiency at certain tanks, and the measure would be less prone to padding. Best of all, legacy statistics have always included XP, so it could be possible to change things over to the new measuring methodology without losing data from the games that have been played since 2010. What say you, wotlabs forum?
  22. You can chose categories but most meds will have 1 firepower slot where rammer or vert stabs or vents can go meaning extra bonus. The only options are: 1. You have no extra bonus so the difference between normal equipment and bond is the same 2. You have the correct slots and difference gets smaller. What buffed bond equipment? Acording to vids bond equipment stays the same. It doesn't get buffs.
  23. On first look I thought the same but on second I think it is a buff. Sure there could be some troll builds with the new equipment but I am pretty sure equipment meta will stay the same. Meaning Rammer, Stabi, Vents will still be the way to go. Sure if you put normal equipment in the right categories slot the gap between normal and bond equipment is now a bit lower. But you need to have the right categorie slots on your tank. And as far as I understood it, you can´t choose the categories which are preinstalled on your tank. You have to go with the stuff WG provides you with. For example I am pretty sure WG will provide every Heavy tank with a survivabiliy slot, so it can tank more. But I don´t care much about this options. I want to do dmg and I want to do it reliable. This will win me the most battles. When I use now equipment on a slot without the categorie bonus. I will end up with a bigger cap between normal and bond equipment as the buffed the bond equipment. At the end of the day if the equipment meta will stay the same, you will end up with a slight advantage when you have bond equipment.
  24. If you are looking to join a clan that competes in lots of scrims and tournaments look no further. ODH is a large clan that fields players from all over the world. We play a lot and like to have fun but are very competitive as well. ODH is currently recruiting for our NA and EU competitive squads. If you interested let me know and we can meet up and run some matches and chat about it. Cheers!
  25. Hey guys, just wanted to say hello. I am a member of the ODH clan. I have been playing WOT on console for 3 years. Cheers!
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