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  2. This man is delusional. Take him to the infirmary.

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  4. Funny thing is TDs still suck on those map and old maps gave TDs much more to do. It's the height of incompetence. Design a map around a class and then have that class struggle on those maps Wait as much as I agree you say no reason to play MT's yet you seem to still prefer MT's.
  5. Bonds shop is a meme, it'll never happen. I may play ranked just for this as finally WG realized team damage is just dumb. Hope they implement it in pubs as well.
  6. all i see is "No Pen" because with all of the hulldown tanks there will be in this years ranked, your gonna be better off shooting primarily HE. Also RiP NA/SEA for having ranked canceled (though that may not be such a bad thing) @Sapros as for whether or not ranked its worth it? No. Only things that would be worth it would be the possibility of a good tier 9 tank (note the word "possibility" because we have zero info on the vehicle and it could end up being trash-mediocre) or the Bonds for the sake of the tanks for bond feature and whether or not there will be any worth while tanks for purchase there.
  7. Nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope
  8. I just want to know what reward tank they are giving. The tank would be the Only reason why I would try out the shit show what rabked is again.
  9. ranked was cancelled in NA and ASIA.
  10. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/ranked-battles-2019-season-1/ https://worldoftanks.eu/en/content/docs/ranked-battles-2019-season-1-regulations/ https://worldoftanks.eu/en/content/guide/general/ranked_battles/ I find all this very confusing. So leagues are basically irrelevant since the rewards you get from them are temporary? Can't quite figure out if it's worth the pain or not.
  11. there is a giant design issue within the core game that sadly wont go away open areas that use terrain rather than buildings are intended for mobile tanks, but with it obviously comes arty since they won't be able to hit fuck all anywhere else (except for pilsen cuz LUL hit by arty inside buildings xd) so the corridory shit just shafts mediums and lights even more because they'll be the only thing for arty to shoot at literally no reason whatsoever to play lt/mts in 2k19, and for every map designed past 2014 this issue stands.. the newer maps all have only one open area where arty can reliably hit without having to aim between buildings or pixelshots so i'm honestly just considering moving away from meds entirely since there's just so many maps now that you get handicapped in gameplay simply because arty is a hard counter to what wg wants medium tanks to do, lights can get away with spotting stuff on some of these maps and dodge arty with mobility but mediums really suffer from arty on the newer maps the previous iteration of kharkov had this issue too, and the new one will as well the old kharkov north area was actually decently made, the issue with it was that it was the only place arty could fire so any exposure made it insanely hard to trade well, and while i haven't tried this one yet (so won't comment on the area) the minimap tells the same story.. even if the area was decently designed it'll automatically turn sour whenever arties are involved.. the good thing about this map specifically is that it seems to be almost half the map at least, so you might just be able to not get shot at as much by it if you limit your exposure (also a problem with meds though, combat range is too close to not get lit to fire and with sub 10s reloads you'll be permalit pretty much everywhere on the map unless you snipe at the buildings) im also not a huge fan of some the building placements but i'll probably check it out later and see if the terrain might soft nerf some of the long range firing lines with hard cover but it's wg so i wouldn't hold my breath also just by looking at the minimap i found broken hulldown spots already XD
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  13. Nonono, you understand it wrong. Those wide open areas are intended to be used by light tanks and scout cars.
  14. This has been the trend for every single fucking 1.0 map, I don't fucking get it, why WG designs maps around TDs.
  15. Kharkhov is giving me Paris and Pilsen vibes. Yaaay we created some open space next to city but it's essentially a no mans land.
  16. Unpopular opinion: out of skyrim dlc girls, Frea>Serana. :doge:

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    2. sohojacques


      One is a strong independent Nord woman with a much higher level cap from memory? I rolled past Serana’s level cap while completing her dlc in my one play through. So I happily dumped her for Frea when the opportunity arose.

    3. orzel286


      Serana caps at 50, Frea doesn't have a cap at all.


      Couldn't steal her armor (it wasn't in her inventory), so getting Frea nekkid requires console command I guess... :doge:


    4. Haswell


      5 hours ago, sohojacques said:

      One is a strong independent Nord woman with a much higher level cap from memory? I rolled past Serana’s level cap while completing her dlc in my one play through. So I happily dumped her for Frea when the opportunity arose.

      You don't use mods that remove follower level caps?

  17. This is the weirdest account I ever saw. I'm guessing he's been playing FL in his premiums, which doesn't show up in his stats, but that has to be  the weirdest re-roll ever. Pluss, you know, that username and he still went for the 11111115A...


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    2. LamaLeif


      They rerolled and can't even hit something as low as 65% winrate, tankers these days.

    3. mati_14


      I got a reroll too, and went for Kranvagn... during 268V4 meta :doge:

    4. Kolni


      i got paid to grind out 800k xp during the winter mode on a 0 battle account

      it had 0 battles on every part of the service record since winter battles didn't have one/got removed 

      with a prem account i played the french thing nonstop for a week and ground it out, and because of the xp/credit overflow of that mode the account had like 13 million credits, a fully kitted out batchat with a 4-5 skill crew with 0 battles across the board

      ofc the meron was a plateaued permablue so he obviously wasted his money :serb: 


      any reroll worth their salt knows that you get to keep reward tanks too, so if you want a real dank service record you wait to reroll until after a campaign


      with bonds currently in the game rerolling doesn't make sense anymore tho, it is too big of a setback to restart that grind considering how long one piece takes to acquire unless you're willing to grind 2 ranked seasons too along with FL before even starting to play randoms for a competitive reroll (3 equipment pieces is all you need if you can stick to playing one tank at a time, which an account like this does for the start at the very least - or ppl like me that spam one tank until MoE or 100games until playing the next), with that and FF directives you'll be as competitive as the seasoned accounts and you'll earn up the bonds to both transfer it onto a new tank and some extra unless you're willing to grind the same tank for like 2k games to farm the next set of bonds lol)

  18. Apparently the STB-1 turret change isnt a straight buff as parts of the mantlet become weaker and effectively autopen ~150 EA
  19. It is a bit more forgiving than a regular autoloader, if you fuck up the first shot you don't have to sit there for 20/30 seconds waiting for a full clip reload. Definitely takes some practice and time to get used to. Also shits credits.
  20. Damn, what a nice tank in terms of gameplay. The reloading mechanism keeps me on my feet. What’s my next plan? How many potential shots will I have in the next 15 seconds? Shall I spend HP now and become a single-shot med to save my meatshields, or wait for a full burst? It takes sometime getting used to, but the added layer of complexity that is auto-reloading gives you incredible tactical versatility and stake (in the form of shite dpm). Hesitation is defeat. You have a plethora of options in any engagements, but only one of them is the best. No other than making that one true king of all plays in the moment defines you as a great player, and Progetto makes damn sure to let you know when you play great.
  21. So, here's my impressions on the mode (I have only played this episode, for credit grinding mainly, thanks to these 4 days I've been able to buy a tier 10 and recover most of my sold premiums, so I'd say around 12/15 millions made overall): At first it's fun and challenging, especially if you remove any premium ammo from your tanks, it definitely makes a good training for weakspot sniping. But after a short while it gets extremely boring, platooning is much advised, you have some good laughs about weird stuff happening and you also let some steam off when striked by 8 consumables at the same time. Premiums are the way to go, I've played mostly T92, blackdoge, progetto and t-44-100, there are also tech tree tanks that are really good (BatChat 12T). Lights/Mediums are the most useful classes and they'll bet a decent profit + good ranks because of their mobility and damage potential. Map is awesome, really open, you can flank pretty much anywhere except for a couple of spots (C west and E west), it's been designed by a third party company and in fact you only find 2 corridors, the ones mentioned above. Mostly soft terrain so fast movers are a must. Rip Lowe/VK players. There are TD nests but they're quite easy to counter, WG should really take note. Arty is still cancerous, especially with consumables. So you get slapped for half your HP, lose 2 crew members and then you get striked and bombed by unavoidable things. People still haven't figured how to play the mode, they fast cap and yolo objectives so nobody makes it to General (I've had games where the highest rank was Lieutenant). They also don't know how to take C in 2 minutes so they either leave it alone and go B or get spawncamped (one game in the IS3A there got me 7k damage and a major). It's usually the low wr/stats players. No point in making the game short, you don't earn credits, you don't earn ranks, you basically don't earn anything. You still see tryhards, people spamming premium ammo everywhere, I wonder if they ever make a profit in the mode. In 4 days of FL I think I've fired 10 premium shells, but then again I played for credits. Imo it should be a permanent mode, along with ranked. So that people have the time to understand how it works and get the most profit ($, ranks, exp) as they can get out of it. I'd remove arty consumables though, that's a really easy way to farm ranks without any skill involved. Racked up 2 prestige points, although I have limited time to play. Will see what I can do with them, I won't be able to get the emil or the sikrit dokumint t9, but I don't care that much anyway. I'd play it again, although only for credits/memes. Btw, I wish the T49 was still a tier 8, would have been hilarious to get top damage every single game with it
  22. that was what I was thinking as well, theres now too much going on with it to keep track of. WG just like... add the suspension, leave it at -10 all around but give it the -13 from the suspension, and buff its turret armour. I dont think it even needs all the gun changes. heck just buff the turret armour and thats it tbh.
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  24. didnt like stb way too much to keep track of to utilise the tank properly, it's a mess to play well.. much like strv gameplay it takes so long to get used to that it's just not worth the investment for me.. it probably has its moments but im just not gonna put it in the effort on the leo side of things though i already liked it a lot in this meta (wierd i know) and it was massively overperforming for me, might just replace 50m and 50b for favourite tanks in the game if it makes live.. leo1 already kinda took the e50m since e50m isn't considered armoured anymore, and having a gun accurate enough to reliably not even be able to miss is something i really value calling leo 5k dpgable if it hits live
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