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  2. both the E75 TS and the AM 39 are new neither have ever been sold before or obtainable in anyway. yes both have been in the files for awhile, but still they are new in the sense of never having been sold. the issue is that in-order to obtain these tanks you will have to gamble for the foreseeable future as the tanks prob wont be sold normally for a few months. i figured the 703 would be in the boxes, but for them to add another 2 new vehicles as well is kinda pushing things if this list is true.
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  4. well the only tank that's technically new is the 703-II the E75 TS is frequently seen on streams by WGA employees and similar. much like the SU 130 used to be the AM 39 isnt new, it was put in the game files when the wheelies came to the game but why would any WGA emp play tier 3?
  5. My main goal is to play casually, especially on west from unranked. I couldn't care less for ranks there. Cassiopeia is on of my favorite champs for me (after Shen being the top1 currently with Syndra and Khazix / Evelynn) and with Conqueror she ultrastrong. On the other hand idk conq will stay relevant after the nerf, but we will see. And don't worry my level is more like around plat 2, I had help from a grandmaster smurf jungle main in the duo so I could reach d4 before s9 ends. I'll add ur accs, just write if you want to fun draft or duo. I play in pretty hectic times also with all the teaching and stuff but we will manage 1-2 games.
  6. I don't know if I really miss any of these maps. Swamp, South Coast and Pearl River were okay to me. Dragon's Ridge is the only one I never played on. Hidden Village was awful, as was Severogorsk in the version before they took it out (it was okay before that). Those two the main ones I would never want to see back. The rest were all meh.
  7. Finished Halo Reach yesterday, now to try it on legendary. To bad I can't aim. 

  8. I'm skeptical that list is legit, I don't see WG dropping multiple new tanks when one is enough to keep it novel. It doesn't match their past behavior and seems like a waste compared to stretching out new content more.
  9. I present to you plebs, muh new Car


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    2. sohojacques


      I don’t know what these are worth? But yeah, doesn’t look too bad.

    3. sohojacques


      Standard car insurers seem to think cars over 10 are worthless though.

    4. Assassin7


      white one was insured for 7250 NZD. (like... 4500 ish? maybe 5k USD)

      red one is insured for 12k after that whole fiasco with them telling me it was uneconomical to repair. :-/

      currently considering whether or not to fix it, turn it into a track car, or sell it on to someone who'd fix it or turn it into a track car

  10. I got lucky last year and got the IS3A with 20 euro. I might try it again but I don't have high hopes. Atleast you get your money's worth in extra stuff.
  11. Just about the only thing I want is the LeFH. Defender/252, or maybe that new double barrel.
  12. How I learned about it: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/12/05/world-of-tanks-presumed-loot-box-contents-for-2020/ original sauce: https://vk.com/wotclue https://wotexpress.info/news/world-of-tanks/chto-budet-v-platnykh-novogodnikh-korobkakh-2020-v/ and a video with a EU CC talking: I'm mostly ok with this list and some of the 3D camo looks cool. wish WG would make more skins and less new tanks
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  14. Dragon Ridge. Never played this in randoms before they pulled it, but played it a LOT in internal clan races with the BT7 and BC. That was super fun Hidden Village with 3/4 of the map literally untraverse-able this was corridor at its worst. fuck this tiny ass map and the SerB it rode in on. Komarin with the water drained was a fun to play on. cant say i miss it much because the mid controlled so much, like Mines. that said. it was bigger than mines so you had options to flank without getting hammered from mid. there was still a lot of bush wanking but it was workable if you knew how to use hulldowns. these days the cheese wedges would make this entirely unplayable but the wheelies would have fun in the trenches. (Much like the upcoming water drained minsk) Northwest I liked the height play and while it was 'corridorized' the hill drops were doable and other than the A1 corner, it was a lot of fun. Pearl River Loved this map, especially the rework where it opened the mid up a lot more. Most people didn’t know how to play it, the heavy brawl in the north always reminded me very much of the old El Halluf A1 corner where if you got to the best positions first the enemy was fucked and lost whatever tanks went there automatically Port way too damned tiny, even back then. Widepark was a bigger map than this. the bridge was exposed to all sides and the rail cars were more aids than Ensk is now Sacred Valley this is the map that basically defined OP Climbs (The north ridge, the castle in center, the B2 heavy brawl area with the hidden overlook etc) didnt mind it much but holy shit the sides were literally separated by a mountain and if you won one side and lost the other you were still fucked because you couldn't counter push and only try to bush wank or ambush. I never had more lopsided games than this map. Severogorsk this map was really open but felt super confined. the new Karkov rework reminds me a lot of this map in everything but the city. That said, this map was also like 40% undriveable and the playable area was even smaller than that. plus there was always some moron that took a heavy in the center trench for the lulz. the 8-9-0 line was fun to play on though. cant say much for the rest of it. South Coast had some interesting games here. the beach was actually viable and the mid was workable if you knew the sight lines for the TD spots. another tiny map. would like to see this back just to see the wheelies run into the buildings and stop dead lol Stalingrad would have been better if the mini map actually had the barricades on it clearly. the Beach always dictated the fight and the heavies rarely got a say in it. plus arty was always a thing from the rooftop splashes into your cupola. nope Swamp This map was the definition of WGs "Every map runs counter clockwise" rule of thumb. the north was usualy viable and the mid was a TD clusterfuck. woe to any tank that strayed there. Windstorm I'd like this back without the bullshit climbs on it. I dont think it would need much to bring it up to speed. maybe more room for the city and mid fight. the lack of cover was nice from camping WTF-100s
  15. Jesus the landslide meta is horrible for heavies. You either get overrun or can't catch the flank.


    Also hull armor is seriously useless now. It's only turrets that matter.

    1. sohojacques


      I think you could’ve left it at: “Jesus the landslide meta is horrible”.

      I’m really looking forward to the marathon ending.

  16. Wow dude harsh. We get it, you do not like him. So do many others but they do not resort to that. Again, disagree with him all you want but no need to word it like that. If you want an AOL address, I can make you one
  17. I'd love to see a ton of these maps come back. I miss a lot of them, and they would definitely be a massive improvement over the current map lineup. The one issue I have is that WG seems to love making the most retarded changes to maps before bringing them back. See Kharkov, Fisherman's Bay, Fjords, Ghost Town, Highway, Minsk, Pilsen, Province, Steppes, Studzianki, etc. All the recent map changes and map additions have been beyond infuriating. There's no reason for them, they make the gameplay worse, and anyone with two braincells should've been able to see that before they were released (sadly, WG map devs don't have 2 braincells collectively in the team, so...).
  18. I few thoughts on the tank, the 4-1 looks badass, the unload speed is really bad, 37% camouflage is quite solid, and the penetration is crazy good. It does have some weaknesses however as 380 base view range is pretty meh and the tanks agility is not amazing. We have not seen this thing's soft stats at all, so it could have abysmal ground resistances or .5 turret traverse dispersion or some shit like that. We also have not seen its armor profile, so 120 on the turret could be meaningless if it is only in 1 section, sort of like the Tiger P's hull armor is meaningless. Over all the Bobject 4-1 looks like a direct competitor to the Batchat 25 at tier 10. It sacrifices view range, HP, unload speed, and 1 shell to gain penetration on its standard shells and much better aimtime. Oh and also the ability to regularly fuck tier 7s. If I were to bring the tank more in line with other tier 9s, I would cut the alpha to 360, the time between shots to 3.3 seconds, reduced the standard and premium pen, both by around 30, and make the accuracy something like .35 as a start. I would probably also increase the aimtime by .4 seconds or so. Maybe more. After that a round of rentals to randos on the live server for 48 hours because the supertest does not test anything.
  19. Man, I didn't even know a lot of these maps were removed. Swamp and South Coast were actually some of my favorites to play.
  20. Problem with south coast is that it was biased to north spawn a lot, as TDs got that super epic sniping ride and literally didnt have to move from spawn to use it. But it had some really nice positions that you could be aggressive to early game and allowed you to play more flexibly and creatively than just the standard go to this flank and brawl stuff.
  21. Fuck me this makes me feel old, as I've actually played on all of these. Got my only Kolobanov's Medal on Port in a T49 (EDIT: read T67 now) when I capped out without firing a shot as a newbie. Also super depressing, as many (if not most) are better than some of the maps currently in rotation. Interesting take on human psychology though - it seems from this thread that Swamp is generally well liked by this player base, but i'm pretty sure it was removed because of how many people complained and how campy it was. Absence (and WG's map department) make the heart grow fonder.
  22. I find that the armor is really inconsistent. Sometimes you block 2k damage and sometimes you block 0 damage. It's definitely not good by heavy standards, and is pretty much what you would expect from the patchwork of armor values and angles you find on this tank, but it's got enough so that you can feel pretty confident about poking a lot of the time. One on one it actually trades great against other heavies. The RoF makes them eat 720 HP worth of shit for every shot they fire at you, and even in a brawl, you'll definitely bounce the occasional shot. Nothing to rely on, but in a duel, the M54 makes most other tier 8s choke on ass. The problem comes when you're facing multiple opponents, in which case you use cover and sidescrape track baiting to limit your exposure. The mobility is above average for a heavy, but the terrain resistances make it feel like it's fighting against the ground sometimes. The speedometer reads what you'd expect, the tank is turning like you think it would, and yet it just feels somewhat clumsy in an odd way. At the same time, the Renegade is actually pretty comfortable to play, you don't feel so gimped like you would in something like a Tiger II. I'd agree that if played well it's probably better than something like a Defender in a lot of scenarios, although it can really get punished in high tier matches when you're in a bad spot. In terms of how good it is as a tank, it's probably up there with the best, but it's not as overtly brainless and cancerous as some other vehicles which makes shitters think it's only average. Also tier 6s can't even penetrate the cupola, which can make for lulzy clubs.
  23. I believe Garbad/Kewei used a numerical scale when reviewing tanks too, but this is only from memory and I can't be assed to look up their old reviews
  24. Hello everyone, I'm also new here but glad.
  25. Is there something special about the patriot that attracts the absolute lowest of the scum in my team? I haven't seen so many pieces of shit teams in a row in all my time in WOT

    1. hazzgar


      Same curse on the liberte.

    2. sohojacques


      3 wins from 12 Monday night for me. This included 5 games in a row where my team was down 5/6 to 0 comfortably within 3 minutes. 5 wins from 15 games last night.  The marathons really do seem to bring out the worst of the worst.


  26. Hmm, I would have given it a 4/5 in mobility, 5/5 in firepower and 2.5/5 for armour, but I'm comparing it to other heavies and not everything tier 8 - which is probably where the difference comes from. My only gripe with the gun is the gold pen. 255mm is not always enough for when you matched against higher tiers, especially against angled armour. 360 alpha on the other hand is perfectly OK for me since the gun handling is just that good. IMO it's actually better for good players than a Defender is, which is pretty much hard capped by its derpiness. And in fact the most comparable tank in tier is really the 53TP, which is another soft-ish fast heavy with tier 9-esque firepower.
  27. I got the tank at a 70% discount (20% more than what I was aiming for) and played for a bit, so written below are my first impressions/ review. I'll compare it to the T26E5 since it's the American premium HT to get (why would you get a T34 lmao just play the T29 a tier lower) Let's take a look at the tank trifecta of criteria: Mobility The mobility on the tank is good for a heavy, only decent overall. You're rarely going to hit your top speed of 45 and just hover around the 40 mark. Turning kills any speed on this tank because of the terrain resistances so it's best to take racing lines everywhere you go to minimize the speed bleeding. Overall a touch better than the T26E5. 3/5 Firepower This is the highlight of the tank, honestly. It's such a good gun I believe it should be on a tier 9 (it should've been ). Because you don't move so quickly the bloom on hull movement does barely anything for the gun and coupled with the really good but not IS-3 tier .1 turret dispersion means you snap for days. The below-average aimtime is not a problem because the bloom is just so low. The alpha and reload sit at a very good sweet spot wherein you can trade decently with heavies and also out-DPM them 8/10, which fixes my problem with the T26E5 wherein the alpha and bloom are hard to manage to fight decently with the enemies. The penetration is also pretty good, although you'll have problems fighting tier 10 superheavies but all tier 8s have problems with those anyway. The only downside I can think of is that you'll get out-traded by most heavies, especially so with the Defender/VK 100.01, which is really important in heavy brawling where you both trade around cover one at a time. 4.5/5 Armor/Survivability You're honestly not going to bounce anything except with the turret. The hull armor is just garbo enough that anything tier 7 and above will autopen it. You'll have to bait with the tracks to bounce anything on the hull or snapshot your trade so they don't get a chance to hit you (which you're really good at). Turret wise, it will bounce most shots save lucky cheek shots. The cupola is very prominent, but if you're playing it right you can make it a hard shot for most of the enemy. It just means you can't stand still or you'll get hit in the cupola. The height is a problem since the hull is kinda tall, so you have to pick the cover you'll use. Arty wise you're going to get splashed by 200-400 every hit which isn't ideal, especially since the tank is pretty large. I've also noticed my crew dying a bit more than usual, so you might want to consider a large health kit. This the only category wherein the T26E5 edges it out, if only because the hull/turret combo is more useful. View range is also really good for an 8, so you can at least spot in high-tier games where you're kinda useless. I run optics on the tank although a case can be made for vents if your crew is good enough and/or running food. 3.5/5 How is it as a premium? Since you can do a lot of damage due to the really good gun, you can potentially make a lot of money. It's not a 90mm shell though in terms of cost/damage, nor can it farm high-tier opponents like the S1/Lowe, but it makes good credits. Should I buy it? This one's tough to say, especially since it's only a marathon tank for now. At 10-40% discount I'd think about it, 50-70% discount I'd say buy, 80-90% is too good of a deal unless you don't want to give WG money. I got it not only because it was 70% off, but also because I like collecting historical American tanks. I'm still kinda miffed they renamed it to the M54 since it never made it past prototype stages. As a crew trainer it trains both the T57 and T110E5, but the American HT line in general isn't in a very good spot these days bar the T29. Totalling up the ZXScore™ and the tank comes out at 11/15. It's a really good heavy, but it's no Defender :^) thank you for reading my blogpost Addenum: The HE does 440 damage, so you can splash low-HP tanks and kill them. I still wouldn't rely on it, though. ----- I'm not sure why you're looking at UFP effectiveness, especially since nobody in their right mind would shoot an UFP unless they're a.) braindead which is easy to outplay or b.) they have enough pen to butter it, which is most tanks you're gonna face. Tier 8 is a very popular tier, which means most of the people you fight can instapen the hull.
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