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  2. The marks are distorted due to update 1.5. 6 Tier 8 TD left and all Tier 8 TD will be complete.
  3. Hi from Austria! Let me say, i made all possible mistakes in Wot before i visited Wotlabs :-)) Want to share my experience and my skills in tactics and writing with the wot labs community as active contributor. Espacially the tank guides and the articles section are very useful. Hope we can write some new content there. Greetings and best wishes, Ernst
  4. tfw contrary to expectations actually managed to get everything I wanted from onigashima, now everything I get is pretty much an extra


  5. wRONG. It doesn't have the flat engine back used for the later model M48's. This one has the angled back like on the older M48A1. This tank is pretty much the only tank left that I would like WG to release (and I would get), bar a tech tree T95 MT which will unfortunately never happen
  6. I've gone full autism and swapped vstab for optics (current loadout rammer, vents, optics). Thought process behind this shit move is: Handling is ebola and the gun needs to be settled in anyway for any target over 50m. Camo is good and it could be played like a 416 (so camo snipe early game, some scouting and circle jerk in later stages), vstab felt like a waste of a slot to me, also the tank could use some view range with that trash 370 base. As of now I have bia, SA and 21% on recon, 441m not using food which is acceptable given the 31% stationary camo and 27% otm. As previously said, the gun really needs to fully aim to minimize any dumb RNG miss, thanks to that and the bad dpm the gameplay is quite slow in it. Armour is a lie, although you get the odd bounce on the upper plate and turret, can sidescrape against idiots who don't have a 130mm gun (so basically all low tiers and some t8s and 9s) even though with 45mm of side armour you rely more on autobounce than tracks absorbing hits. Decent city brawler, it's also a decent sidehugger thanks to low profile + trollish turret. 16-17-2 is my ammo loadout, small rep, small med and AFE. It's a nice TD/LT hybrid overall.
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  8. I noticed it happening on multiple occasions that's why i created this thread, but it only happens to last 24h
  9. Jesus they made the maps shit for spotting recently with those TD nests with magical bushes and shit. I'm trying to do what looks like the easiest mission in the world. Spot 1500 and kill one cancer-spreader. And I need to survive and win.

    Sounds eaaaasy, something you''d do in many games. 50 games later, still looking for that combination. Any game where I spot enough, someone killsteals my arty. And when I get the arty it's on maps where spotting is very random or impossible. Or I see the game is lost around the middle and don't even bother.

    I'm starting to remember why I stopped trying to do missions and just picked one at random and left it on until I happened to finish it.


    1. Kymrel


      Ranting helped, got it done in  10 or so more games. I hate missions with win-stipulations. It's just a fuck you in your face  when you do the other mission objectives and your team sucks.

  10. I think I am getting it now.

    It's just a fucking video game so why should I care about some damn numbers?


    Also, arty still gay

  11. tfw you keep getting reported in ships because you're playing the yugumo with torp reload booster and keep dev striking people not expecting it

  12. 5 skill is a whole load of yeah when derping is involved.
  13. So any ideas on 5th skill for commander? Right now im rockin BIA, SS, Camo, Sit Awareness. Debating between repairs or recon.
  14. 0.4 no thanks i think everything but leo 1 has too shitty acc
  15. Given wg and that it's a prem there's also a chance the cupola will be 250 effective....
  16. So WG came up with a bass-ackwards way of nerfing gold shell alpha. Weird flex but ok. But there's a lot of other things going on here. One thing to think about is that if the typical shell does more alpha and there's more hit points laying around, won't that mean that (if all else stays the same) profitability will be much higher? Which would be nice but knowing WG they've probably already done something to put a stop to us having nice things. Another matter is that the low and middle tiers are positively THICC with hit points in that test version, which is something WG wanted to test for other reasons anyway. Even with the new alpha buffs, many guns seem to take ages to kill anything. Might be a good thing to help prevent random one-shots, but then again it also makes certain tactics like seal clubbing in a T67 more viable because it now has stamina. Not sure if this is a good idea. And for whatever reason, arta was the only class that got buffs to its HE. For everyone else, HE is obsolete in the sandbox because the AP has pretty much the same alpha. Hard to tell if that was deliberate. I normally would have said that this would be a great opportunity to rebalance howitzer memes, but the FV4005 and Type 4/5 were already nerfed last patch. As for the actual gold spam problem itself, still the issue that if the target in front of you has armor, gold may still be the best option on the table and if so, you'd be crazy not to use it. Its good that gold now has a tangible alpha disadvantage, but the other half of the equation will be getting rid of the excessive armor that mandated gold spam to begin with.
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  18. jodgi

    Naval Action

    Yep, it's functional and looks good.
  19. A-44 Looking at the stat cards Does that stat card say 0.1/0.15/0.15 bloom with 258 pen, 400 alpha, good gun arc, almost 2800 DPM, and have armor in the process? "Its not as OP as the defender" If this is true, then it'll make the Defender look balanced as it viciously snap shots 400 damage holes into your UFP with near T9 medium level DPM as base. When in doubt, load gold for instant weakspot pen
  20. IMHO a gimped T54E1 would have at least a unique spot in the available roles (US autoloader premium). What's the point of yet another US T8 heavy (T34, Patriot, Chrysler K, ... ?)
  21. That's a pretty sensible thing to do. No reason to experience the hell that is the WZ-131A. The tier 8 is a nice tank but tier 9 and 10 need serious work to be at least decent.
  22. Oh hey, they're finally adding it? I might have to check this out...
  23. I think you have a nack for playing games in a genre with shitty devs
  24. Aim time is already better than the IS-3 and nobody complains about the IS-3 having long aim time. And since when did accuracy ever mattered?
  25. At least it looks like it has a weakspot and weaknesses. Like horrible accuracy and aim time. Comparing it to the massively outdated T34 is pointless. Compare it to the Defender and IS-3A and it looks way worse. Obviously, since it isn't Russian...
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