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  • kolni

    110-140 ping to NA, guess im coming over to show who's boss :P 

  • kolni

    just got my first decently sized booking as a dj, feels pretty fucking dank man

    problem is i have to use a moniker, first-last name IDs aren't popular on underground events so the arranger asked me to come up with one and since I'm doing that I'll be thinking of a permanent one.. but i'm drawing a blank.. any ideas? i'd love a funny one, or clever, or anything that isn't taken and also is rememberable

    dj yung makes me sound like a sad boi and i'm not part of that scene anymore and since it's techno/trance fusion i'm mainly playing i probably want something to hint in that direction off of the name as well, i'd love any suggestions how stupid they may be because i've spent the last hour not having a single idea make it past the "does it suck?" culling

  • Kymrel

    Christ. Can't even have fun derping around in an EBR105. Every game has 2-3 per side, ruining the fun.

  • SkittlesOfSteeI

    Empire's Border is just a bony version of Karelia and you can't tell me otherwise

  • orzel286

    Azur lane event, wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Black Princes new skin = NUT, got her from ghacha, and many others, had to get rid of lots copies that I intended to limit break with (oh well, rip bullins), and gloucester didn't come to my port :(

    But: 3x Sandy



    Ark Royal :*HEAVY BREATHING*

    kzux84B.jpg Didn't expect these two at all



    F E E T


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