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  • kolni


    ah seems i still got it, had replays turned off and reset the session mid session cuz i had a shit game like i normally do to untilt but 3 games of 6k avg are missing :( 

    done without improved equips and firefighting directive, this tank is 100% 5k dpgable and the non-believers will be cleansed eventually

    its so fucking op and tier 9 MM is easy mode :serb: 

  • hazzgar

    Can pubbies not talk to me? Got called selfish because I didn't spot an FV4005 that crested the hill in heavy line on westfield and shot the is7 that didn't notice a huge tank 50m from him. 

    Why was I selfish? Because I have spent that time spotting 4 enemy tanks for our 2 meds and bobject. The pub literally was angry at me because I didn't spot the FV as he was going up the hill or what's more probable through the hill since xrays are a thing in wot... 


    In unrelated news - am I lucky or is LTG really good? Bought it for ace mission and the games are too fast to get them so I keep getting first class but I'm on 70% WR and even the loses are pretty good battles despite the tank being ugly and slow

  • Private_Miros

    Happy birthday me! (Damn lockdown)

  • kolni

    cool kid trance music by yours truly

  • TheTrojanWarrior

    Was probably the most autistic day in wot I’ve had in a while. Some how though it was still enjoyable despite the mind numbing teams (pushing 9 tanks down the beach in overlord for some reason). With a little reservations I can say this has been a pretty fun period in WoT for me. Quite a few things to fix but still fun for the most part. Although keeping in mind I don’t play a whole lot outside clan activities. The occasional random pub honestly doesn’t seem that bad. At least better than the Type 5 Heavy and obj 268 v 4 meta.

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