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  • Kymrel

    A S1 cheesewedge just tried to sidescrape out of cover at 40 meters from my IS-3A. Now I've seen everything. RIP S1.

  • BlitzReaper

    That's fucking it, every game I get a stupid tomato team, next one I'm taking out sky cancer

  • sundanceHelix

    Need some feedback on the following:
    1. How does the WZ11114 compare tier for tier to the 5A?
    2. How does the Standard B compare tier for tier to the Prog65?
    3. Is the TVP50/51 still relevant in today's meta? 
    4. Is there a best Tier 10 TD? Or are my WT4 and T30 sufficient for the personal campaign missions?

  • Tarski

    Brought out the 5A for the first time. 3 losses to start out. 4th game: 6 allies afk. 

  • Kymrel

    I thought bouncing missions couldn't get more annoying than in the first campaign, but now I have to do them with tanks from the USSR or China as well. I wonder what tank can bounce 2x its HP. Not an IS-7, people know better than to shoot it hull down and heat and HE meta is a thing. Perhaps a 257 driving sideways/sidescraping badly against 7s and 8s? Or can a T-150 do it, sidescraping against lower tiers? Or perhaps an IS-M on a good day? I have that one unlocked and could grind it, I suppose.

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