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  • orzel286

    tfw I'll have one less cat tomorrow :(

    She had cancer removed a couple of months ago, but multiple metastases shown up, for the last week or so it was just a matter of making it comfy for her because nothing can be done. Now she doesn't even move, so it's time I guess.

    Had her for ~11 years, she always did whatever she liked and didn't give a damn. The Countess.

  • Kolni_GodofTanks

    won a 1v3 as a 900 HP TVP VTU (i would never in my life play this tank unless i was paid for it) against 3 defenders. Well technically one Defender at 500 and 2 252Us both at full health. I guess it really is a counter huh, who would've thought! WG was right all along

  • PlanetaryGenocide

    What even is wheeled vehicle physics in 2019

    Alternate title: ""When switching between the modes, the wheeled vehicles will not lose engine power anymore."

  • Matross

    Is E50M especially bad for the meta or something, or am I just playing it wrong? I can't figure out... Push with heavies, get penned by all the enemy heavies/sniped by back lineTD's. Run with the mediums, get spotted first, eat shots/snipped by TD's. 

    Does it just not compete with the meta these days? The reload seems a bit low, gun can be random at times,.Seems like I always die before 1/2 the battle is over. Does this tank need camo? Running Rammer, VSTAB & Vents + food.

  • Oicraftian


    Can't play Object 416 or Charioteer for shit. Cent 5/1 stats started at 2.2k DPG but then the weekend TX spam arrived.

    Played on a poach account m8s so you don't know the stats.

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