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  • hazzgar

    Just got the VK1001P for some block missions. I know I'm late to the party and I know the speed means most wotlabs will say some glass canon is better and yeah in pure DPG farming it will be but who in their right mind thought this tank is a good idea? Probably the most broken same tier/top tier tank since KV1S.  I'm literally playing it only for bounce missions, playing like a moron half of the games I die with very little dmg but then I get t8 games that result in me roflstomping everyone. It's also a great scout because fuck logic. 


    I get that it's probably hard to reliably push its WR into high 60's but I also think you have to be super unlucky to not pull 60-65% even as a bad player. It's a tank that kinda should perform on the same level irregardless of skill. It's just boring because speed.

  • Snoregasm2

    I don't get this game sometimes - weekend teams, yet I manage to hit 89% win ratio in 28 battles, all solo:


    I know winrate isn't luck, but it sure fucking is wildly variable in small sample sizes.

  • RedwoodOriginal

    Since when is valley push @ Lakeville tactically viable?!

  • hazzgar

    LOL at wg guy admiting on circons stream Brit Lights are so bad so few people play them they have no data to balance them

  • kolni

    plenty of 7v7 games today streamed, some esl teams and players

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