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  • Kymrel

    I just played the first game ever in a Mauerbrecher (it's a rental, I'm not that stupid). And now I have pixel aids. What a garbage tank.

  • ZXrage

    Should I earn up / spend my bonds on:
    A) The Guard, the greatest meme premium in game that I would love to get for free
    B) 1 improved equipment, granted idk which tank to put and which one to get

  • MacusFlash

    Been trying for last several hours to run my cheap market controller on any Steam game. Nope, it still ignores some buttons because reasons. Nothing helps. Good to know that main gaming platform is a garbage when it come to such an easy thing.

  • echo9835

    Anyone play Risk of Rain 2 or Divinity Original Sin 2? Hell, while I'm asking about 2s, Half Life 2? Portal 2? TF2?


  • kariverson

    So In Ranked there are 3 waves of getting to the top. 1st wave is the best players having the most fun. Great games, fun games. It's a pleasure to ride that wave but you have to play all day nonstop to keep up with it. If you don't then you fall on the 2nd wave. The wave of the people that think they're good and they just want to snipe and to fail their way up. These are the most painful games you're gonna have in ranked. If you get caught there, good luck getting over 80% chevrons. It's a bottomless pit. After you get stuck there for days, the 3rd wave comes, the really bad people you can pretty much kick their ass solo so you can advance further.

    Personally because I play only 2 hour sessions, one early and one very late every ranked season I get stuck into the bottomless pit. People playing E50Ms etc camping all game. Only loses. Atleast I'm top 5 half of them .

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