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  • kariverson

    Finally came around to finishing the 279 missions. I stopped playing them when I had only a few left many many months ago. SuperPershing MVP for the hard alliance missions.

  • Spinee

    Bro IDK why but I just cannot make neither the WZ-111 5A nor the 113 work, can never get myself in good positions to deal damage. Main problem I think that contributes to this is the fact that I don't know when to be a heavy and when to be a medium. I just look at no. of meds and decide if it's worth reinforcing or not, and I either die or I end up with no damage. How to decide what role to take? K thx

  • PlanetaryGenocide

    Even on a different account in a different class of tank.. I seek the buttes. 



  • Kolni

    anyone wonder how srs this game used to be?

     just read this and watch how seriously people took a clan to be



    compared to now XDDDDDDD

  • ProfessionalProGamerer

    I came I saw I owned... deal with it. I even created IDEAL ipoopoou :P

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